Shadowlands Great Vault Ending Soon


The week of November 22 will be the last week that new loot options will become available in the Shadowlands Great Vault. Players will be able to collect their final reward, including any items from previously unclaimed weeks, until Monday November 28 at 3 p.m. PST. After this time, any remaining loot will be lost.

We’ll see you in Dragonflight!


That means next week isn’t worth going for vault loot .


thank you for pointing it out, Soulscar

their incompetence is trully amazing

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Sorry to spoil your jerk off but it means the week in which DF launches. This has always been the case since a weekly chest became available. Besides, by the time you’d open the chest out would be obsolete gear

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It’s not obsolete gear. Even if you do not plan to not play Dragonflight right-away, this is high-tier raid gear, Fated phase, and we know from past experience that such will be superior to questing gear for several levels. I don’t have the exact numbers, but going into a new expact with that kind of gear will make you a steamroller. (And much more so before you ding first level.)

Of course, one chance more or less should still not matter much, since the RNG pain factor is so high. (I also had atrocious results with Fated world bosses. Can’t remember ever getting gear from those.)

Iirc people still usually have most of their gear until 5-6 levels into new expansion zones.

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It is. DF Normal dungeon loot is already 346 which waay higher than 311 lol.

That’s at level 70!

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If you did pick up something from vault this week there was a notice in the GAME below that next week you can’t pick up items so you should pick them up now because if you don’t they will be lost :smiley:

304 ilvl gear will be viable until level 68 - 70 depending on drop luck. So its viable.

Thing is though, all it is going to do is make levelling a little bit easier. Marginally so. I am sure the vast majority of people who would have gear from the Great Vault by next reset would have gear from normal/heroic dungeons that would massively outweigh that…and I think Blizzard just want to draw a line under Shadowlands. As do I.

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