(Shadowlands) Hooves and feet mog?

As with the incoming race cuztomisation update with Shadowlands expansion im wondering if there is any insight if the feet slot for draenei, tauren and trolls are being looked at?

The feet mogs for them feels meh as the hooves/feets are visible and very little of the actually item-mog.

If people wanna have the feet/hooves visible there is always show/hide that slot.

I don’t think anything will change in this regard. The reason why hooves are not covered with shoes is becasue all armor texturtes have to be universal(work on every race) and they are mode for a human type a foot. It would just look on a hoof. On top of that bottom of the hoof didn’t fit on a character texture sheet and needed a seperate texture, this can’t be covered with armor.

The reason why trolls, worgen and partialy pandern don’t have shoes (pandaren have sandals) is because the were made with seperate toes and back then system did just put shoe texture on foot and other models had just stubs with toes painted. By the time Blizzard made new character models wtih seperate toes and seperate shoe models it was already established that certain races don’t have shoes. On top of that they are making Vulpera shoeless as well.

I don’t see anything will change in this regard. they just gonna utilize custom display options they introduced for demon hunters to expand character customization, split some options that shouldn’t be connected and add eye color options. For shoes you will be only to get them probably like it is now, with some selected more elite armor sets that use custom collections of geosets.

They don’t have sandals when wearing the bulky plate boots though. Those completely cover their feet.

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