Shadowlands: Journey Through the Gates of Zereth Mortis

Shadowlands: Journey Through the Gates of Zereth Mortis

Venture into land unlike any other and unravel its mysteries.

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It’s nice to have more content but this does not feel like WoW anymore


Man, I can’t wait to walk on water… is going to be so cool and new…

But on a serious note. It’s refreshing the have some colours in the game again. The Shadowlands zones have been really dull. It’s a shame we’ve gone deeper into outer space, rather than just back to Azeroth. I kind wished we just skipped 9.2 altogether. This was such a fail expansion, I really don’t care for it’s story.

Wait 'till you hear about the floating trees, man. Crazy right?


Floating trees? I’m sure we’ve seen those before, somewhere?

Must’ve been dreaming, man… who ever heard of floating trees… next you’ll say you’ve seen floating rocks? lmao


Pretty sure Nagrand had plenty of floating stuff.

Sry… was pretending to be a dev, they’ve never been to Nagrand b4. :sweat_smile:

If this zone is Mechagon 2.0 with same drop rates, I’m not hyped for it at all. That said, it’s new content which is a good thing. Korthia was starting to get a bit stale.

They’ve probably never played World Of Warcraft before.


no news on whether you have to do this new campaign on all alts, from starter quests to full progress through it all?
have to do this entire story thing all over again and again and again and again on all alts, oh yay.

What about conduit progression? will there be a similar system like what Ve’nari used to sell during season 1 or Korthia during season 2? will there be the same system during this one?

I’m looking forward to returning to Azeroth or something more WoW like in the next expansion.

I think many feel it’s not very WoW atm.


You jinxed it now, you realize that, right?

Now the next expansion is going to be something like the underside of Outland or Crystalsong Forest revisited.


I still prefer it over that scifi new technology thing we have now.

Out of all the themes in Shadowlands I’m disappointed they focused so much on the boring Brokers. Their architecture is especially bland to look at.


I’m just not sold on anything Shadowlands yet and this is no different. Just doesn’t feel like Warcraft at all.

Can we please go back to Azeroth soon?


guess i will see you guys in ZM tomorrow ?
but sure lets return to azeroth after that please
one of this zone screenshots reminded me of the place you fight the last boss in AQ20
pillars n all

I do believe they have said that we will be returning to Azeroth and have less cosmic doom but I still think we’ll be having the Light vs Void showdown and without phasing everything or a new island (which we already have loads of) I’m not sure where else they can go.

Anyway, I am hyped regardless at new things to do on my main.

Nowhere. They can just stay on the main continents of Azeroth. Rebuild / remodel zones that already exist and for the sake of the ppl disliking cata and afraid of losing some prescious pixel lacking old zones they can give us a time dragon for each revamped zone to turn back time.

Finally get the old zones up to date according to lore, have some race politics affect the capitals’ looks etc. etc.