Shadowlands - Looking for guild/group to play with

So, Shadowlands is around the corner and I thought i’d give wow another shot. A fresh start with a new guild.

This might seem like a odd request, but is there any guilds for socially awkward people? People that might be quiet/shy and never really take the first step to social interaction, but still want to be invited to group content/events etc. In my experience, guilds tend to have their established social cliques, and as a socially awkward outsider they are difficult to get into. I never feel like a part of the team.

I’ve been playing wow on and off basically as a single player game since warlords of draenor. But I started playing back in the vanilla days. First got into raiding in wrath of the lich king. Ever since wrath I’ve mostly played the solo-able content and left it at that. Some raid finder and random dungeons. Did the first raid in WoD with a small Swedish guild, but it kind of dissolved after that due to lack of interest. I have never done any mythic dungeons (don’t even really know what that is). I like the game, but it’s just not that fun alone (duh). I’m not a competitive person or the min/max-ing type. I like to progress and be helpful, but don’t feel any need to be the best or whatever.

Anyway, faction/realm doesn’t really matter. As long as it’s on a EU realm. I might reroll a character.

As for myself, i’m 41 years old and live in Sweden. I work as a software programmer for a gaming company. Affinity for cats and dogs. Been gaming and coding for most of my life. Spotify playlist consists mostly of metal music.


Hey, Lynoctum, welcome back! I can echo everything you’ve said about returning back to WOW for Shadowlands, it surely does reignite the appeal of the game. World Of Warcraft has always been the game I can’t really completely abandon. I considered it at least twice in the past, but every time I found myself returning.

I have a complicated outlook on social life, while coming off as very outgoing, I’m equally prone to bursts of “alone-time”, which confuse people because it seems like something breaking out of character. Or sometimes I can be too forthcoming and direct and miss the social cue, which leads either to smiles and laughter or confusing misunderstanding.

I’m interested in both Horde and Alliance, but mostly weighing towards Horde side. But it’s not an overestimation that I generally love seeing both sides of the coin.

When you do manage to find the Guild, please let me know, I’ve been on a lookout. I’ve never tried any serious roleplaying, which is a part of the appeal, I think it’s a very intriguing aspect of the game, when done immersively. You might want to consider it as a loopback against social awkwardness. I’ve done some live roleplaying in the past and, once immersed, you really do zone out and start living this abstraction for a little while. It’s an interesting experiment

I hope you find what you are looking for


I’m in a very similar situation to you both - and have mostly played solo in the past with random queues for bg and dungeons. Really just looking for some people to play with and not get caught up in a huge guild with strict “times” and “requirements”.

In the past I’ve only played on the US servers, but now that I’m starting up again and living in the EU I figured It would be easier to play in the same timezone as potential teammates. I literally lvled a random character to 10, on a random realm, just to post this! Hope I’m not too late!

I assume the only way for contact, is through the blizz app? I don’t see a private message on the forums…can’t say I’ve ever used them.

Send a friend request to:


I know what you mean, luckily i found a guild on Runetotem. Myself i am a very silent man but after a few months i got used to it and at some point i even became raid leader.

I cannot say there are no groups in the guild, but all of us try to help each other out. So maybe you just want have a chat let me know.

We can have a talk first and maybe you will like our way of work.
We also have a Sweden players and Denmark (that speak swedish) .

So more then welcome with us.
You can find us on the Nagrand, Killrog, Runetotem server.
Horde side :slight_smile:
Kind reagardz