Shadowlands: Mounts, Pets, and More (Part 1)

Shadowlands: Mounts, Pets, and More (Part 1)

Beyond the veil, a bounty of new mounts, pets, and more await you in the Shadowlands. Which of these many treasures will you set your sights on?

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Yeah, no ty, il just wait for my sub to expire and im out.
Il come back when you design games for fun again.


Dis geims ded!

Activision started to advertise the mounts which they released 2 months ago??? Like we dont already know about these mounts…

2 mins of time-gated new content per week - ppl stop to subscribing - “Lets tell them about the old SL mounts to make them farm a little and fill their boring gametime during the weekly reset waiting for the new 2 min content”.

GJ, Activision!


Well none that require anima I assure you. Got the ToP one though that was cool.

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Great job! Thank you for the collective information you have provided to us. To whome it was assigned to be prapared, send our thanks for the work!

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[Bonehoof Tauralus] Drop: Tahonta Maldraxxus Covenant: Necrolord

Has anyone ever gotten this mount .

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Getting the anima mounts while a single m+ dungeon or raid boss drops just 35 surely is great fun :star_struck:

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Been farming Hopecrusher and Famu since launch and nothing…

(yes I’m revendreth)

Where is our treebeard?

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Well well, as expected “I’m quitting”, “Nothing in this game for me” then leave already. I, as a 68year old enjoy the game. Keeps my mind fresh. And I am an avid pet collector. In top 10 on Aszune EU. Happy days

Which of the following do people have problems with:

  • PvP
  • PvE
  • not enough mounts and pets


I am new to this forum, I don’t know if this post is something regular or not, but I think this type of post is really cool.

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