Shadowlands mythic gear has "Upgrade Level x/12" since patch 10.2.6

As the title says, since patch 10.2.6 Shadowlands mythic M0 gear (item level 262) has an “Upgrade Level 1/12” entry, and 268 from hard mode Tazavesh has an 3/12 entry.
Both have not been there in the previous patches.

However there doesn’t seem to be a way to actually upgrade it (anymore). I’ve nver played Shadowlands when it was release (only returned to WoW in december last year), but apparently at point it was possible to do this at Aggressor Zo’dash in Oribos.
However when I try to do this now, all of the gear is greyed out resp. tells me that “This item can no longer be upgraded” (in contrast to “This item cannot be upgraded” for other, non mythic without the “Upgrade Level” line).

Was there some some change for Dragonflight gear that also by accident affected Shadowlands gear so that this line now shows up?
Or is there actually (still/again) a way to upgrade this gear?

Typically you cannot upgrade gear anymore, not even from the previous patch, so i would not be surprised if the option to upgrade gear for SL does not exist anymore.

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