Shadowlands Normal Dungeon ilvl requirements to high?

From my experience, both having a lvl 60 and a lvl 50 (doing Threads of Fate), it seems that Blizzard just doesn’t want us in dungeons right away. When I reached lvl 60 in Ravendreth, I finished the story, I got chapter 1 of my Covenant Campaign completed and then I wanted to do dungeons. Doing normal dungeons when you hit 60 usually is easy.

But somehow doing the story didn’t give me enough ilvl to even queue for normal dungeons, so I was forced to do world quests until it was high enough (I even had full upgraded legendary cloak ilvl 155).

Okay, so I have a character that was decent geared before pre-patch (Nazjatar, which in pre-patch apparently got nerfed HARD) and then going to Shadowlands, even normal BfA Dungeon gear isn’t enough to even queue either (ilvl 72 dungeon drop vs 80 for queue).

I usually think that when you quest, you should automatically be geared for Normal Dungeons at end of the expansion. And previously I was used to being able to queue for dungeons in the next expansion right away too when done with the previous one. It seems wrong to have to do a lot of side stuff to just be able to queue for normal dungeons. I understand Heroic having a higher requirement, but this is Normal Difficulty for crying out loud.


ilevel 72 is insanely low. There was a 2 week long catchup event before the patch dropped that gave you a free 115 weap and threw ilevel 100 gear at you.


Which I didn’t do on all my 30+ alts. Sorry for not spending 24 hours a day grinding an event that’s only up for 2 weeks xD

Also 72 is lvl 50 Normal BfA Dungeon drop, so it shouldn’t be insanely low. It should be enough.


Yea you must be pretty pushed for playtime if you only have 30 alts :roll_eyes:


I remember spending 5-6 hours of rare farming on the last week on an alt to get a full set, that would be 10-12 hours first week, that’s 2 characters max per day first week. So 14 characters if I didn’t sleep, eat or anything other than playing. So while it would be possible to gear a lot of the other alts up in Week 2 if I didn’t sleep or eat or work, it’s just not an option.

Yes, some of them I don’t play on a lot, but still gonna level, but having Blizz say that “You did not do enough end game gearing with your alts, so you can’t queue for NORMAL dungeons” just feels bad. I think they put the requirements to high for normal dungeon or the rewards from BfA to low. Seeing as they can’t just buff the BfA rewards, they should do the next best thing and nerf the requirements for Normal dungeons.

Also Max level can’t queue right away, meaning the requirements are to high, it’s still just normal dungeons, not Mythic+ Ultra Mega Insane.


72 ilvl is low even in bfa standard at lvl 50 lol


Well maybe they should increase the BfA rewards too, since unless you do a lot of work at lvl 50, you’re not going a lot higher before entering Shadowlands.

From reading this post its obvious you just hit 50 on the alt and then left it alone.

How do I know this? because I did the exact same with my lock and was hitting around the same ilevel when I hit SL so its entirely your fault you didnt do any sort of WQ’s or heroics in BFA.

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You can seriously just go on the AH and get normal dungeon gear for like 100g a piece…

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You buy 8 items ilvl 151 of ahh (5 k gold) and darkmoon card trinket 200 ilvl and that’s it.

Okay, so I can see people’s thoughts are “It’s okay for Blizz to severely undergear players in a new expansion”.


No. It is a mistake on Blizzard’s part. I leveled from 1-50 last week by mostly doing quests, with heirlooms, I reached 50 in a BFA dungeon, I then lost that ability because my item level from playing naturally was around 56. After the Maw, I enabled Threads of Fate, I was forced to do more quests, I am level 53 now and only item level 65.
Terrible distribution of equipment. Terrible arbitrary requirement. This is further proven by the fact that I was able to 3-man clear a BFA dungeon one level before, with no tank.

Not only that, I am not able to queue for dungeon finder at all, not even BFA dungeons, not even specific Shadowlands dungeons.


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