Shadowlands Preview: Soulbinds

Shadowlands Preview: Soulbinds

Soulbind with key members from your Covenant to gain beneficial traits so you can effectively combat all who stand in your way.

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I think this article is too soon to explain.

The main reason is we don’t get all class counduit, so that would be cool to get them all by datamining so we can get a full view of it :smiley:.

But this is a very very interesting system. I kinda love it :smile:

So the warrior conduit preview is disappointing. Not because the conduits are bad, they’re fine, but there’s just too few of them. It feels like you put the correct one in the proper slot, and there’s very little choice between what conduits you can put in a slot. I sincerely think every class needs much more conduits to make it an actual choice between what’s slotted in.


I’m sorry, but this is terrible design and literally Azerite 2.0. This has completely killed my hype for Shadowlands.

I watched Preach, Asmongold and Bellular fiddle with them, and all they do is create more problems than solutions.

It’s as if your Artifact Weapon/netherlight crucible had a child with Azerite Gear bonuses/essences and the offspring became soulbinds and conduits.

It appears that you Blizzard, will chose to keep it. Why. Just WHY? It’s a disgusting, grotesque abomination deserving only of abortion.

I heard Ion explain the philosophy behind it, I get it… it’s to have player choice locked into more than just class/spec. So just add another talent row for crying out loud! This? THIS???

  • It’s completely unbalanced in Mythic+, Raiding and PvP.
  • It’s not fun doing a activity knowing that you are not optimal
  • It’s not fun having to re-grind conduits because you had to swap
  • It’s not fun to have a additional layer of borrowed power on top of borrowed power

Why must we have borrowed, unbalanced, choice locked silly bonuses?

I’m going to call you out, even if it means taking a forum vacation.

Whoever comes up with, designs and approves these idiotic systems, is completely disconnected from not only the community, but the game itself and should be frikken fired!



No one will enjoy to farm the same conduits over and over just because you decided to make them destroy everyone hated that about legion legendaries.

Please don’t make the same mistake and make them permanent, so if a player decides to run the same dungeon, kill the same raid boss or whatever is because they enjoy and have fun doing it, not because they are FORCED to farm something they already farmed before.


Yeah, being a consumable works for gems because they are readily available for a price by players for players.
The conduits are probably BoP so it will be just frustration


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