Shadowlands Preview: Torghast, Tower of the Damned

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands introduces a variety of new adventures for players to undertake, including Torghast, Tower of the Damned. Explore its ever-changing halls and chambers and do battle with the minions of the Jailer, Torghast’s vile ruler, to claim legendary treasures and free the heroic spirits trapped within.




i like the part about:

You are in full control—you can choose which type of equipment you’ll make and what powers will go in them to make them truly your own.

lets see how true it will be to its words

Yeah the ‘legendary crafting’ part is the only part that interests me.
The tower itself; bleh. Don’t want to do it, honestly.
But I’m afraid that it’s going to be mandatory content for 2+ years.
Bad. :unamused:

Best to embrace it now.
It’s a huge new PVE system and they seem to be putting a ton of different mechanics into it.
I think classes have more customization inside Torghast and abilities to choose from than they do as a whole, which strikes me as a little odd.

I’m really excited for this!


By and large, your failures in Torghast are measured in deaths, not with a timer.

Finally some content I don’t have to rush through, or can’t afk because I have to do something real quick :smile:


This looks to become the best piece of expac specific content they have done in years. But i suppose some people just want to nag.


I’m not embracing something I don’t enjoy.
It just means Shadowlands will be over for me sooner rather than later, which is their problem, not mine. I got plenty of other stuff I can do. They NEED a succesful expansion and imo this is not the way to do it. :blush:

Objective. It may look like the best specific content to you, but to me it looks bad. Just like visions are bad. Imo.
And I don’t LIKE to nag. I WANT to like this game as much as possible, but they keep making mistake after mistake after mistake. Hopefully they won’t make the mistake of making this mandatory for crafting Legendaries. Hopefully there’s alternatives.

Analogy time:
If I love hamburgers, but I hate tomatoes on my burger then I don’t want to be forced to eat hamburgers with tomatoes. I want the choice to leave those off.

Now, I’ll admit this may be premature because we don’t know yet if they’re going to be mandatory. But I have a feeling they will be. So consider this a pre-emptive strike.

Looks good. I’m eager to complete it.

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I hope this legendarys only function inside torghast, or at least are deactivated in PvP

Sounds awesome :slight_smile:

Tristram banjoing intesifies

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cant wait any longer :slight_smile:

But will it be just for dps specs (like Visions), or will there be mechanics to allow tanks/healers to continue being tanks/healers? And if that mechanism is by doing it with a group, will it actually be preferable for dps players to invite a tank or healer to group with them vs going solo?

Because Visions have made me feel totally unwanted as a healer main, and I’m worried that Torghast will be just the same :frowning:

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After being so disappointed by the class design in SL ( which is non existant, u get back a few things they remove and placed in bad places like talents) I highly doubt this is gonan be any good, altho i hope so much they make it worth it.

Torghast looks absolutely awesome!
Everything I’ve seen and read about it so far looks really interesting and challenging, but most of all it promises to be a fresh new experience that could keep players busy for a long time to come (contrary to Island and Warfronts, for example). I can’t wait to run it myself!

However, I really hope there isn’t going to be some obligatory entry fee which requires you to grind for extended periods of time every time you want to enter Torghast.
If there’s going to be an entry fee, I hope it will be low and easy to obtain; this will allow players to spend most of their time playing the content they actually want to play, instead of grinding currency in order to play said content.


While I will hold off completely writing it off until I have played it myself with the finished article, I have watched some streams of those in alpha and am wondering exactly what is ‘really interesting’ and ‘fresh’ ?
Each floor (from the 40 something I witnessed) essentially presents you with a different configuration (no set route ever). So far so good :slight_smile:

Additionally each floor could have traps (like indiana Jones and the temple of doom style :smiley: ), adds, a boss etc stuff you have to collect for a choice of empowered abilities…

^^ Thats it. Its the same random stuff (by same I mean 1 of any of the above) on every floor. While perhaps challenging, depending on how high stuff is tuned, I cannot say it is fresh or interesting. If anything it is making me fear that this will be a never ending treadmill that they can pin rewards, or reagents to floors X, Y, Z and beyond which is now one gigantic time sink removing the need to add anything out int he open world for max level, because the tower is the be all and end all.

Again, it is alpha and I have not played it myself so am not in a position to write it off, but from what I have been able to witness, the above are my initial impressions.

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