Shadowlands Season 3 Ending Soon

The problem foremost isnt the length of the current season. It’s the tuning and one additional boss in Sepulcher. Even though there are several in the last weeks, these nerfs don’t counter the massive amount of prog time already spent on completed bosses.

This post is for PVP and M+. It doesn’t mention Raiding at all.

so what ilvl from M+? and do we get upgrades for legedarys do i need start selling my last kindey for gold like?? lil more info be nice

Yeah it doesn’t, but a dev said that CE will end with S4 on Twitter when patch 9.2.5 was announced

What about Cutting Edge for Sepulcher though?
This would be the hardest (and probably shortest) tier EVER to get CE for guilds and would leave a LOT of guilds empty-handed that usually get CE easily.

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Yes, we intend to close the current raiding tier for achievements such as Ahead of the Curve with the weekly reset the week of August 2.

We have additional tuning in the works, with a focus on the end encounters of Sepulcher. We know that currently far fewer guilds are on track to get Cutting Edge in particular than in past tiers and we want to address that in the coming weeks, before Season 3 ends.


So… what you are saying is that a week or so before season 3 ends, you will nerf mythic difficulty to lfr level so guilds progressing the last couple of bosses will be able to rush them.
Well… i guess this is at least questionable. Like all the current exp, so i guess nothing to be surprised of


What exactly do you know? In the coming weeks? Kids in kindergarden know that 4 aint much. If you “know” you wouldn’t give a tier which consists of 2 end bosses 5 months and nerfs merely 30 days before it’s end.

Less than 400 guilds have cleared it in 4 months after insane amount of nerfs. I wouldn’t have complained if you did those nerfs in time. You can tell by yourself that you failed on a new scale with the tuning this tier. You can’t simply hide this hilarious fail by removing content.

Man up, owe that you screwed this tier and do something proper instead of “nErFs soon tm (in a confused Ion voice)”.


Look how he said “to the end encounters in sepulcher”… they will destroy the last couple of bosses so that all the guilds progressing there will kill them in a less than a couple of reset.
So sad…

Just make it so we can directly go to jailer after anduin

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Will we be needing to upgrade Legos in season 4?

Maybe if you didn’t cut the season short to rush out an expansion release for no reason this wouldn’t be the case.


As someone who progress Mythic atm
I think all of us will prefer you NOT removing Cutting Edge and letting it stick til end of Expansion (like you always do) and us fighting the intended (al bit nerfed) bosses then nerfing them to the ground to a point its a joke
or not getting the Cutting Edge at all because the difficulty was hard this tier


On my birthday, I’m not sure this is the gift I would have chosen. :rofl:


What an actual joke.

It’s too soon, there’re literally 300-400 guilds who managed to full clear and season’s ending in a month ? :joy:

at this point im convinced this is a social experiment where blizzard’s just trying to sabotage the game more and more and see how long they’ll keep a tiny amount of playerbase they have left.

if I dont get CE ill be quitting after this season ends, so those nerfs better be good before this pathetic season’s over

needless to say I wont be pre-ordering/ordering DF at all unless Devs stop roleplaying being in circus


Dude crying about not having or getting CE and still wiping on Anduin. I dont think there is anything wrong with Blizz. More with ppl’s expectations or achiveable goals. Maybe you should lower them or play better.

Enjoy playing a game that is getting owned by Classic TBC and Classic Wrath when it comes to raid participation because Blizzard is making retail WoW for full time Twitch streamers.

I would say Mythic raiding is not a participation trophy but at the same time, this tier have been messed up in many ways, ie making 5 bosses as hard as end tier bosses while also making the season way too shorter for a last tier, which generally tend to last longer because there were no BS like “recycling season”.

Many guilds wasted pulls on bosses like Halondrus or andy because you’ve completely removed mechanics since they were really hard at launch. More thought is needed in tunning and making raid.

As a player not interested in season 4. I would rather hear some news of the talent trees for 10.0

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Far fewer? A TON FEWER!

We got like ~45 x 2 day raiding (in the world) guilds with CE…
If this is how we set the requirements for CE in the upcomming expansions and tiers - you will need to be world 300 material to Raid Mythic and get CE…

Personally - if I cant get CE this tier, in a “normal” 2 day mythic raiding guild, I really dont see the pointe in raiding / playing this game at all.