Shadowlands Season 3 Ending Soon

Look how he said “to the end encounters in sepulcher”… they will destroy the last couple of bosses so that all the guilds progressing there will kill them in a less than a couple of reset.
So sad…

Just make it so we can directly go to jailer after anduin

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Will we be needing to upgrade Legos in season 4?

Maybe if you didn’t cut the season short to rush out an expansion release for no reason this wouldn’t be the case.


As someone who progress Mythic atm
I think all of us will prefer you NOT removing Cutting Edge and letting it stick til end of Expansion (like you always do) and us fighting the intended (al bit nerfed) bosses then nerfing them to the ground to a point its a joke
or not getting the Cutting Edge at all because the difficulty was hard this tier


On my birthday, I’m not sure this is the gift I would have chosen. :rofl:


What an actual joke.

It’s too soon, there’re literally 300-400 guilds who managed to full clear and season’s ending in a month ? :joy:

at this point im convinced this is a social experiment where blizzard’s just trying to sabotage the game more and more and see how long they’ll keep a tiny amount of playerbase they have left.

if I dont get CE ill be quitting after this season ends, so those nerfs better be good before this pathetic season’s over

needless to say I wont be pre-ordering/ordering DF at all unless Devs stop roleplaying being in circus


Dude crying about not having or getting CE and still wiping on Anduin. I dont think there is anything wrong with Blizz. More with ppl’s expectations or achiveable goals. Maybe you should lower them or play better.

Enjoy playing a game that is getting owned by Classic TBC and Classic Wrath when it comes to raid participation because Blizzard is making retail WoW for full time Twitch streamers.

I would say Mythic raiding is not a participation trophy but at the same time, this tier have been messed up in many ways, ie making 5 bosses as hard as end tier bosses while also making the season way too shorter for a last tier, which generally tend to last longer because there were no BS like “recycling season”.

Many guilds wasted pulls on bosses like Halondrus or andy because you’ve completely removed mechanics since they were really hard at launch. More thought is needed in tunning and making raid.

As a player not interested in season 4. I would rather hear some news of the talent trees for 10.0

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Far fewer? A TON FEWER!

We got like ~45 x 2 day raiding (in the world) guilds with CE…
If this is how we set the requirements for CE in the upcomming expansions and tiers - you will need to be world 300 material to Raid Mythic and get CE…

Personally - if I cant get CE this tier, in a “normal” 2 day mythic raiding guild, I really dont see the pointe in raiding / playing this game at all.


basically this.

Curve takes me 2-3 weeks on tops, I dont pvp, and they ruined M+. they’re incapable to balance it properly, there’s not much to play the game for aside from progressing for cutting edge, if I dont get my CE this tier due to devs incompetence I dont see myself playing this game ever again.

And no, Im not interested raiding 3-4-5 days a week and playing the game like its some kind of job.


This is really bad. Keep Sepulcher AOTC/CE achievements going into Season 4.

You cant just cut 3 months from hardest raid tier ever, players are not done yet. We need more time.


Ok, guys, let’s do some math on this season clown fiesta.

Week 1-2 - no 2nd leggo, half specs are unplayable without them. Basically Mythic prog for non top-tier guilds started on week 2 of Mythic, same goes for gearing.
Halondrus 350+ pulls.
Anduin 250+ pulls.
Rigelon 200+ pulls.
Jailer 270+ pulls.

Only these 4 bosses account for more than 1000 (1 THOUSAND pulls). Echo took 1236 pulls to finish this tier, 3 times more than previous and 2 times more than CN.

Both CN and SoD lasted more than 7 months, and here we have 5 months (-2 weeks of half specs being literally whellchaired and lagged behind in gearing) for completing CE. That’s quite BS, not gonna lie, and Hall of Fame as well as numbers of CEs earned this time is here to prove it as well.

And now instead of just letting tier continue with using scaling tech (the very same you’re gonna use on fated raids) like timewalking with capped gear, you wanna nerf bosses into oblivion and still screw those of us who just get to Anduin due to Halondrus being literally unplayable for more than week. That’s… quite fun.

I mean you know you CAN let us progress to CE even after starting of S4, it’s up to you to make this call.


Too soon. Another annoyed 2-day raider…


Another decision based on the 0.1%.
Well done Blizzard, are you sure you can keep those 10 streamers very happy if the rest of your community quits this game?
Season 4 will be a joke even harder then this post was…

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That was horrible
seasons should be 3-4 months min and 4-5 months max
What is next? you will ask for 1 year so someone who is unable to clear mythic raid in 3 months can actually do it?
What about whole expansion 1 tier so you can try for 2 years straight

Mythic raiding was never intended for that
and if your guild is stuck at anduin or any boss before jailer at this point there is something wrong with your guild not blizzard…
maybe guild organization failed?

Well, the problem is, you want to end the season in 4 ID’s - even if you are nerfing the last bosses next week. There is no time for alot of Guilds to progress the last bosses. And you cant make them to easy, cause that would feel bad too.

I mean my guild raids 6 hours a week. There is no way we would kill Jailor when Season ends 2nd August, if we kill Rygelon next week. There is just no time.

I would really like it if you just delay Season 4 for like a Month more. That would give these Guilds time to kill Jailor with new nerfs. Cause every guild has to learn the bosses. Nerfs just help Guilds who are already close to a kill and have alot of XP on the boss.

And who really want to run Shadowlands Raids for like 4 Months anyway? The shorter S4 is the better in my opinion.


Have you thought of making it possible to acheive CE in Season 4 and just demand a maximum ilvl of i.e. 280 to be able to complete it (similar to Herald of the Titans).
That also makes it necessary to be able to enter Sepulcher even if it’s currently not the fated raid in the rotation.