Shadowlands Season 4 Keystone Master Mount Revealed - Restoration Deathwalker for Mythic+


It’s a shame they picked a colour too similar to season 1 and 2. The red of 3 stood out more.


Strange way to say: it’s a shame they picked same mount again.


Was I too vague?


They do the same with PvP since arena mouts intro in TBC.

Idk why you expect something unique for something brainless like KSM every season.

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I don’t care it’s a recolour, it’s just a shame they went back to the same looking colour as the earlier ones.


But my reply was not directed at you?

I didn’t realise you were trying to have a private conversation :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I don’t think it’s unreasonable that they are recolours. It’s probably more sensible to have a theme of a mount for an expansion for KSM but I think it’s s shame we have three that look very similar and then the red one that stands out as a result.


That’s pretty low effort.

Much like the snippyness in this thread. Put your backs into it and make it popcorn worthy.


I don’t think people want something super unique each season. But there’s so many colors they could have picked for a recolor and they keep choosing colors that are almost identical.

I think this will just lead to people resenting recolors and associationg “recolor” with “lazy”, when I honestly think recolors are perfectly fine.

I never get this argument. “But it was always like this”.

So what? Doesn’t mean it’s great.


Not only it’s the same mount, it’s almost the same colour as season 2. Even by Blizz standards, its pretty lazy.


I can not care too much about it. It is 4 times the same mount anyway to me.


Clear as dew.

I did not expect, but that doesn’t mean that i would not prefer different more interesting model over another recolor.


Thanks for posting this. Was just about to do the same. I believe we should do some sort of a petition to get this one changed, same as the gladiator mount got changed in S3, and same as rewards for 350/400 mounts back in BFA got tweaked.

This is almost identical to the greenish/blueish version from S2.

I would like it to be goldish (ZM theme).


That’s just… Lazy…
Should make it yellow, violet, Orange … Just something else…

or maybe they are too incompetent and lazy to fix the effect on the mount, which on the red still sparkles green

Alu hat on: i really think that’s the reason XD


The thing is, I don’t even think it’s laziness. I’m clueless on how the design process works, so take this with a grain of salt.
But I can’t imagine that it would be significantly more effort to go with another color.

It’s just beyond me why they keep choosing the samish colors for everything. It’s not just the KSM mounts either. Every recolor this expansion, be it transmog or other mounts, always feels like it’s just a slight hue change.

I don’t get it.


Easy answer

Incompetence and laziness

Nothing to do with private conversation, but what is the point of replying to me with what YOU meant when my comment was not directed at you.

It makes no sense :sweat_smile:

Debatable, i think it is something cool to not make a mount straight up unobtainable as soon as season X passes but give people a couple of year to earn at least 1 color

I agree that the color could be more different tho.

Because it was all just part of a flowing discussion.

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They should have made it bright pink