Shadowlands: Take a Day Trip to Tazavesh, the Veiled Market

Usually the mega-dungeon is tuned harder than regular Mythic dungeons, especially considering the hard-modes. (Loot is better as well tho). It wouldn’t make sense to release the m+ version, if it’s already harder and drops better loot.

For not releasing heroic immediately, it’s most likely because to get some more exclusivity.

Absolutely give it a go. If you can get similar minds on board, then such dungeons in the first weeks are often full of the “chill, let’s work this out” vibe as opposed to proper tryharding.

That’s why I loved Mechagon so much myself.

If you were horde i’d offer to be part of such if needed, but i’m sure as ally it will go well! Best of luck with it.

It looks amazing, can’t wait to give it a whirl.

Well, what about them releasing some exclusive non-mythic stuff then? Why doesn’t that happen? A normal difficulty mega dungeon. With a mythic being released 6-9 months later. Why is that not a thing? It’s unfair.


I´m looking for this that much I logged in and wrote this comment. Keep in good job blizzard. and please leave Cold Blood for rogues :slight_smile:

Whoever wrote the blurb for “Mailroom Mayhem”, thank you, put a right smile on my face :smiley:

It’s visually pleasing and the encounters are solid but the story and the theme of it are boring as hell. Wow a market for some weird afterlife dealers how exciting. /s

I’ll just get all the achievements there and the FoS if there is one and then forget about it until I have to do the wings on +20 for the teleports.

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