Shadowlands: Take a Day Trip to Tazavesh, the Veiled Market

Shadowlands: Take a Day Trip to Tazavesh, the Veiled Market

In Chains of Domination, players will venture into Tazavesh, the Veiled Market where the brokers wheel and deal in a variety of exotic goods. There is plenty of danger to be found in this mega-dungeon.

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looks good, but whats the catch?
what are you doing to mess it up?


It’s a dungeon, so probably not much.

I should’ve liked to trade on this market, though.

Is that possible?

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Preach’s video (and some of his live stream) about this dungeon made it look pretty fun, excited to do it.

Karazhan was of course great, Mechagon was bad in my personal opinion, I know a lot loved it, hope the second attempt at an original Mega Dungeon ticks my boxes.

I real missed opportunity to have that Pirate Infinite Dragon as a Mount.

Man I would have loved that!


yeah great another mythic dungeon wow I’m really jumping for joy. I’ll never get to do it as there are a lot of selfish ppl in wow because of item lvl i might miss the guide line by 2 or 5 points how the hell they ever do there first mythic in first place if there item lvl was rubbish makes me sick start uping the item lvl on item blizzard i had more when we was lvl 120 btw are you ever going to up the lvls again ??? anyway dungeon looks great but i;ll never step foot in it and that goes for half the ppl on game i bet to


Then make your own group, problem solved.


Seems fun, I’m sure my guild and I will have a laugh failing miserably in there.

That being said, I still think you should just make those dungeons work for heroic from the get go too.


Looking forward to this, looks amazing.
Three green and two grey/red out of eight total dungeons is getting stale already.

Mechagon all over again and knowing the past records, they may slip in an allied race and force you to complete on mythic fully to unlock it. Just like how it was with the mechagon gnomes. Thankfully I had a social group thing who were helping with that, at the time.

Ok, so you have rehashed suramar with some etherals instead of elves.

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Do you have to be a Debby downer?


seems stretched and boring.

it will be like always overtuned on launch so players will simply avoid it since m0 wont ofer any decent rewards and m+ will be overtuned

also that auction event in middle of run - people will hate it like they hated CoS event with spy discovery .

wasted reused resources.

Oh look, a typical liliith post again. Is life fun being so negative about everything in this game?


If it offers an experience similar to Mechagon I’m looking forward to it.

Mechagon full run showed us blizz can still design a “proper” dungeon crawl experience if they want.

The only thing I dislike about megadungeons is they’re relevant for their patch for the first half, then become irrelevant once you access better rewards than the hardmode from M+.

They should try and make them scale somehow rather than just tossing them into M+ and then the gogogo form of dungeoneering.

Some of my best points in BFA were running Mechagon normal when it wasn’t overgeared, and then trying to get Hertz Locker when again, wasn’t massively overgearing it.

It’s just a shame that once it was folded into M+ mechagon became irrelevant and once again there was no suitably rewarding form of dungeon that isn’t time bound. It was cool on release because it offered rewards higher than M0 due to being a longer, more challenging experience. Should have given it scaling for each patch in BFA so it continues to fill that niche of supplying M+4/5ish gear.

Then again in SL gearing is whack anyway as covenant campaign gives you M+7ish gear which is bizarre.

Anyway- I look forward to trying it out and hope I can get this priest geared and ready in time for it!

very fun :wink: i have a blast slowly sipping coffee in work and posting truth about game :slight_smile:

bad game design is bad

Is that Veiled Market a dungeon event that players have to solve or is it an actual market in the middle of a run where this one guy can slowly browse goods and decide what to buy while the rest of the group goes berserk?

Looks good, but how are players going to get people to stay for 8 bosses when they can’t get them to stay for less?

Maybe give a bonus insentive for the same group to stay together all the way through?

Be nice if you could make it have a heroic option too.

They will release a winged heroic version, no doubt. But yes, that will take a while and that does suck. I’ll never understand why they can’t just release the heroic (and M+ winged) version at the same time, or if they want to keep it special for a while, go the ‘LFR route’ and release it in phases a few weeks later.

I agree that the dungeon looks very cool. Anyway… I’m going to say something that might surprise some people on this forum…

I’m going to attempt to run it as a mythic dungeon. I’m trying to be open-minded and I’ll just create my own group so I won’t have to deal with rejection after rejection. Hopefully it will work out.


You mean your made up stuff?