Shadowlands: Watch the Eternity’s End Developer Preview


All PVP games have a meta, but having solo queue injects a lot more players into the stream so those meta groups become the minority rather than being the majority (which are currently thanks to no solo queue.)

For example, in Overwatch (another Blizzard IP) you can solo queue. While triple tank meta was going on and being complained a lot about by people on streams, it rarely happened below a certain rating and there were enough random players to ensure lots of random games.

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Who said that this is a ‘why dont you talk to us’ argument, it’s more of a point that the community literally can’t make up it’s mind and actually use some rationality, if this was the great 9.2 reveals, 2 weeks to go and this was all said and done then I’d be flaming off and my subs would be considered but I can’t logically complain on something I’ve yet to even get my hands on, neither will I be excited.

one positive i wills ay regarding solo shuffle… is they are claiming it will be a test phase before they make it a permanent feature… so there is time for pvpers to mention concerns like mine before it becomes the norm.

Blizz did you guys have to add snails? they’re bloody gross dude, i don’t wanna see people riding around on those in the city, luckily for me I was planning on unsubbing anyway

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this is also why non pvpers should be allowed to talk on pvp during the council meetings…

i dont pvp but no one mentioned this concern i did . odd that.

When? in tbc?..last like 3 expansions thry are adding every patch like 50+ mounts…

You can look at skirmish as to how things will end up that way. Facing meta comps might not be something you’d face all the time, you’re still at the disadvantage of RNG every single game. While I understand that sitting in LFG for ages is demotivating, SoloQ will also bring back alot of frustration.

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I think it was in WoD if my memory serves me correct.

i hope they go snail speed… it would ruin my immersion if they didnt

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It will bring different frustrations yes, but at least everyone will be able to get in whenever they want.

People are use to RNG anyway and games with competitive PVP mode solo queue build around the RNG. Any long term WoW player is more than used to RNG, we’re literally breathing in and out RNG every moment we do something in game.

Narratively, the Eternity’s End raid tells two stories, one after the other. Our current plan for the release of the raid looks like this:

  • During the first week of the release of Eternity’s End, the raid will not be open.
  • Beginning with the second week, the raid will open for Normal and Heroic difficulties, and the first eight bosses will be available in those difficulties.
    • It will not be possible to fight the final bosses on any difficulty during week two.
    • This is intended to provide a moment to tell the story in a way that accounts for the passage of time between the events of the eighth encounter and the subsequent encounters.
  • Beginning with the weekly reset of week three, all bosses will be available on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulties.
    • This will also be the opening of the first wing of the raid on Raid Finder difficulty.

That I agree with. Sitting in LFG for ages while not being able to do anything else is the most frustrating thing ever for me.

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so whats the point in having the different difficulties released at different times … ive never understood why you do that.
Is there any reason i have to wait a month after mythic is opened before i can lfr?

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I can only apologise for that tbh, i don’t deny that… the life i lived and the way i been abused and kicked the curb at every turn and misunderstood… it leads to being the way i am.

i don’t hide form it i harness it there is good in seeing the negative to everything…

the world needs people like me to run at a functional level.


Because why have guilds?

I would say considering the general dissatisfaction with the game, they really needed to impress with a reveal. It’s not as if they’re on schedule either is it.

The very fact that’s it’s just another mini-zone is an indication it’s just going to be World of Zereth Mortis. Other suggestions are yet another convoluted progression system, just looking at that new window in that one shot suggests so.

It certainly doesn’t look like anything different at all. No, it doesn’t need to be something like cross-faction gameplay or an entire world revamp.

Yes, ultimately I will have to wait to make true judgements, but right now I am seeing a pattern in Blizzard’s output.


I appreciate you posting stuff like this, it gives players a better understanding than simply seeing a glossy video which tells you very little (other than what the formula setup of what is normally released.)


Are you sure of that? That would cull some ppl.

Mini-zone as they always are because of the limited resources in a mere content patch. It just seems like a waste of resources when they could flesh out the vanilla expansion zones and keep more of the continent relevant.

With every major patch the world stays small and just moves to the next zone.

Anyway I’m unimpressed with this reveal and I’m going to watch Robin of Sherwood. I want to some real down-to-earth fantasy.

That’s kind a Genesis 3-ripoff