Shadowlands: Watch the Eternity’s End Developer Preview

With their fellow MMO competitors releasing new expansions imminently they had to show something. Otherwise it would like like another 7 months of radio silence on the horizon.

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I am so utterly dissapointed.
Well done the art team. Time gated raid? The thing that really killed it for me was “new soulbinds and new conduits”. But you know what, the biggest letdown is knowing this is the final chapter of Shadowlands. I feel like we get a halfway product, and by the time they get to finalise it, it ends and goes into a new expansion. I actually demand that after getting so scuffed expansions lately, and delayed content, the community should deserve a free expansion to atleast redeem some of the trust back.

The Blizzard Polished games are long gone im afraid. We got a new grind, new conduits and new soulbinds to grind out… yay.


the amount of time it was potentially under development it could of been big changes at least a couple… even a new class or race…

I really can’t see that ‘reveal’ hyping all that many. The only type in my view are the lore fanatics.

It just doesn’t really show anything, and that preview could be condensed to a minute and not lose any information.



Literally, we have zero idea how it works, how it will be played, how it will, but what we do know is that there will be a solo queue pvp in some form.

Honestly, you seem like a good dude, but you seem constantly thriving on negativity mate.


that comment which was link pretty much explaines how it works…

RNG best matchup wins… meta combos will dominate end of .

Its too early twiggz.

That’s pretty much where I saw it, here’s some concepts as to where we are at and heres the plans.

I give up with people.


Blizzard - ‘Hey guys, heres some early details and shots on what we are working on, keeping you in the loop!’


And rinse and repeat.

Said many times before, the biggest enemies at times is the playerbase that is happy to tear itself apart from hypocrisy.


wouldnt be the first time i was early and right though sadly

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Welcome to PvP MMO’s Twiggz, meta will always win.

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which is why i said … whats the point… why not just give the solo queue people asked for ?


Dunno. I wanna see in ptr the real shape of zones and questline.

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But… we don’t know what the full patch is… we just know there is a solo mode coming?

Come on man, you can’t be that dense, if this was a full patch preview with notes and it was ready to go then hell yeah I’d be on the wagon but I’ll remain absolutely neutral because this was a tiny preview at best.

And people will still face meta comps with soloQ, since you can’t choose your opponents. That isn’t too hard to grasp I’d think.

im only talking about the pvp thing here… the rest is still up in the air as of yet in my books.

i just dont willfully act blind to blizzard acting as if they know better again. which has failed them in the past.

I think they just want to present the new content in a holistic fashion before the PTR goes up and the fansites start datamining random bits and pieces like crazy.

It sort of helps the playerbase understand the context of that massive information dump the fansites are going to unload as soon as the PTR is live.

It’s smart of Blizzard to get ahead of that. I certainly appreciate it as a player, as opposed to if they did nothing (hello WotLK Alpha datamining and complete chaos!)


Wrong. The context of “You don’t talk to us” is WHY they design content a certain way, and not responding to feedback. You may know this, but twist it to suit your argument.

Very rarely do people expect upcoming content details sooner than usual.

The point is this is entirely lacking in any detail, and all it suggest is just more of the same. You know when you release subpar content and annoy consumers over and over, they eventually come to expect dissapointment.

The fact that players seem to finally be sick of this crap in large numbers is the only possibility of the game finally evolving or changing direction in a very long time.

It’s a mode. Would make sense opponents would be people who queue for that mode.
So yeah.

yea but in a game mode where the winner is dictated by the strongest combo … it will get boring fast…

if it was a open solo queue with no stupid gimmics… chances of hitting a meta is still high sure… depending on if they queue them with groups or not… if its full solo no leaderboard shiz it will be much more enjoyable and fun for the community.