Shadowlands: Watch the Eternity’s End Developer Preview

You must be a slow learner :rofl:

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Apparently once we decode everything, and gain the knowledge of the first ones over time… the message reads…


This, and implement guild wars system - my old MMO Lineage2 had clan war system, were if one guild declares war and another accept - they can freely kill each other in open world. This alone made hunting in open world thrilling, alive and very memorable. Only downside in WoW - cross-realm zones, this supposed to be realm vide war. But it was super fun.

This is us in the patch.

(breaking bad spoiler, don’t watch if you haven’t seen it)

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i prefer

Here we go, guessing time.

  1. Gear level cap will be raised so all my old gear is once again redundant.
  2. Renown level will be raised.
  3. Conduit level will be raised.
  4. Companion level increased. Number of companions increased to the size of a small army.
  5. Lots of ‘new’ mounts will be introduced, many will be reskinned clones. They will be linked to massively long drawn-out achievements involving hundreds of hours of boring daily grinds or random weekly quests that never pop and get blamed on something called ‘rng’.
  6. Similar to 5. but pets this time.
  7. PvP will remain what it is now, antiquated old battle grounds that no-one goes to.

Oh boy, joy of joys.

I will play 9.2 OOC but not IC.
I’m looking forward to what 10.0 will look like.
I guess I’ll just skip high fantasy expansions in the future IC.

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You don’t even PvP much in the past years in the first place. And FYI, people actually like old battlegrounds, so perhaps quit making things up.

I’d also suggest that you start reading before ranting, that way you could have known that renown won’t be increased.

There’s an old saying ‘never assume’. I have several L60 chars sunshine.

Honor level is accountwide, “sunshine”. Honor level 22 means that you’ve hardly done PvP from the start of Legion untill now. So quit lying.

And still do… so far no news about 9.2 suggest otherwise which doesn’t make me want to come back anytime soon.


I personally would love some sort of update on the myth that is realm merges

Jeremy Feasel: […]So you’re not only going to be able to get class sets from the raid, but also you’re gonna be able to get them from your great vault. And as you progress through the cipher system, you’re eventually going to be able to unlock the ability to turn any item, that you get, that is on an appropriate item level and an upgradable item, into a class set. So even if you’re a player, that’s an outdoor player, that isn’t necessarily a raider, you can still start to engage in the system. And we think that, you know, we want players that are mythic players, players that are PvP players and players that are raiders to all sort of engage in the system and have the opportunity to get cool class sets because we think the class sets are awesome.

Seems they have thought about all aspects of the game, from casual open world players, to PvP, to M+ to Raiders.


im still burnt out of world quests from back in BFA farming the reps for all the allied races before the nerfs…

world quests just aren’t fun for me.

That’s… actually pretty neat.

More systems and renown and annoying zone and timegated story and quests :slightly_smiling_face:

You provided better and more information than the actual video. Thanks

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Wowhead have been pumping out lots of articles covering all sorts, seems Blizz did a lot of interviews.

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You did it again sunshine, all my PvP was done on a different server when the current ageing battlegrounds were still ‘new’. The last time I had any fun doing PvP was in Ashran but ofc they even took that away.

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vanilla AV for me with rogue stun maces :smiley:

3 sec stun on hit x2… OP as hell could stunlock players to death