Shadowpriest looking for raiding guild

Hello and good morning.

I am looking for a guild that raids at weekends or in the week, I am pretty flexible as long as it is after 7 during the week and anytime at weekends, I have a lot of raid experience on this char and a couple of others, I have raided since the beginning and I dont mind wiping :stuck_out_tongue:

Ideally I would like to do heroic or mythic but I have not even been able to find a group to do normal as yet so I would not mind starting there,

I have been trying in vain to PUG since the start of shadowlands and I have not fallen out with my guild or anything but I just cant make the raid times and they are all way ahead of me.

Thank you for reading, cheers !

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Hello, check the below if faction change/realm transfer is available…

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Hi Amlodhi,

Were looking for a few Mythic Raiders to join our core progress team. Our details are on the link below but do you want to add my Discord: Danray#0657 for a chat?

We have 2 Progress Raids Weds 7 Fri 2000-2300 st with a HC Farm raid Saturdays 1430.

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Extremely on Ravencrest is a 2 day raiding guild, Wed-Fri 20:30-23:00 with 9/10 HC progress at the moment. We are looking for a couple of dps to join us into mythic progress soon.

From what I understand from your post you don’t have a lot of experience raiding in this expansion yet, and I think we can help you out with our Saturday alt/social normal runs. If you wish you can join us as a social, spend some time with us in m+ and discord, join our alt runs and learn a bit about the raid, and when you are ready for higher progress you can hit up the officers and we can discuss a promotion into trial for hc/mythic raiding if that is what you are interested in.

If this seems like something you are interested in, feel free to add me on discord Liv#8207

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We have different tiers of raiding at the moment so that might help you ease back into raiding before you settle on the one you prefer.

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Hey. We’re doing normal atm but will be starting hc soon. If you’re interested in the casual and friendly approach. Hit us up.