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Shaman Sets


cmon why season 3 you can literally farm this set right now


Assuming that we’ll get recolors for next season, would love to see S3 shaman set, its probably one of the best looking shamanistic sets in recent years
from the shaman icons on the kilt to the amazing wolves, its a way to go!

S2 could be cool too if they would pull nice color scheme (like imagine S2 with color scheme of tier 6/tier 20, but didn’t really liked any of the color schemes in S2 so don’t know how it will play out

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Also side note to all those “butbutbut why would you vote S3 if you can get it now”
i mean… you can literally get S1 sets really easily even now, just go around kill rares in forbidden reach and get 2/3 upgraded gear, then convert it in catalyst for free and you have the normal mode apperance, then when you upgrade to 3/3 you can get the heroic tint, i did it on few classes and it still works now, only problematic one is mythic and even then you have transmog farming groups, i would like to imagine blizzard will do new tints for S4 as it makes the most sense than reusing the same set tint, shaman S3 argubly gathered the most hype and understandbly so, also those will will argue about S1 elite pvp, i don’t think they’ll do the same coloration

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It is more than likely going to have colour variants, so voting for S3, if it’s the set you liked the most this expansion, makes complete sense to me.

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IF you fixed Season 2’s Runes of the Cinder Wolf, giving it actual normal and roughness maps, instead of just making it it all flat and reflective (except for the very back of it, for some reason), I might’ve picked that. As it stands, S3 is just above S2 in all categories.

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I would like some clarifications from BLIZZARDS side.
Will the PvP Rewards be the same as of the Chosen Seasons (ELITE SET) ? or a diffent Colours?
IF I already got the ELITE set of the chosen Season can I get one of the other ones or wil there be no Seasonly ELITE set if I already got it?

Blizzard speaking. If you already got the elite set, we will erase it from your Collection, then ban you for the whole season so you’re unable to farm it once more.

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season 3 all the way, love this play style in m+ and very strong in ST raid

Totally agree with this!

voting for s3 while u can still get it, is an absolute 300 IQ move!


Cause the other 2 look awful,i would guess.

I mean it is because they like the set and you can get it in a new colour I guess. But yeah personally I’d rather have s1 back.

The second season set was incredible with its cool steel storm dragon look with horns and was coolly combined with other pieces to create a unique look.

But the pop masses on the hype of the season 3 set are picking it, EVEN THOUGH LOL you can get it right now and the second and first are already lost, hmm what words to choose for these people…

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i really hope we’ll get confirmation if we will get recolors of the winning set, as this is what im basing my voting at the moment, any infomation about it Kaivax? Thanks in advance!

imagine voting s3 apperaences. Guys go and farm it. Its is easy to farm all pieces

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Why are people assuming there will be recolours? No where has it been said that. So without that information we have say they will just copy and paste the tier sets as they were including the colours that were available at the time. So at the current rate we get another season with the same appearance set. Instead of being able to farm one of the previous tiers.

“You can get season 3 right now” isn’t really a good point, if you can get season 1 and 2 items by running various open world items through the creation catalyst for free.

As for the actual appearances… season 1 is a cool shaman-ish set, but with every tier set from that raid having that look, it becomes very generic. Season 2 is an overdesigned, confusing mess. I voted season 3 because it looks unique and fits the class fantasy.

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people that vote for s3 tierset bonus are people that really don’t know anything about the class and almost never play or are competetive in any way

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I am still bewildered people are voting for the current tier set when you can still collect it. There is no collecting the s1 easy any more. :man_facepalming:

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