Shaman set look

I bet that most people just haven’t understood that this voting is not about the set bonuses… it’s about the LOOK / TRANSMOG

I’m still bewildered as to why people think that “you can get the set right now” is a good reason to not vote for the set they’d like a recolor ?

Did they actually say they were going to do a recolour? Or just mix and match the tier set bonuses with the winning visuals?

Thats true…they didn’t specifically said recolor.
I’m only guessing ? But I can’t imagine they would just lazily put a previously available tmog back on the market.

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I really hope not. They could do some nice recolours. The set is great though. I’m a bit selfish as I mained prevoker in s1 and don’t have any of the set that’s why I want that one. :sweat_smile:

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