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In Classic WoW Season of Discovery (SOD), the tanking landscape undergoes intriguing changes and a new class joins the tanking club. Shamans, receive a well-rounded arsenal of tanking tools enabling them to become formidable tanks, capable of standing alongside other damage taking brethren. A shaman’s tank ensemble shares the most similarities with our rival alliance-only class, the paladin.

This guide primarily focuses on improving a shaman tank’s defensive potential, however, small remarks about improving threat can still be found. If some of the following actions in this guide can’t be done, don’t be sad. For some, only certain actions are feasible, proceed accordingly. I hope you like the guide, if you have any feedback or questions, feel free to let me know down below in the comment section.


Tauren is the go-to race for new players and those looking at raid progression. Their racial “Endurance” scales with the much needed and overly present gear and buff stat, stamina. Their “War Stomp” helps, if aggro is lost or to lessen incoming damage versus non-raid level bosses. Orc is the threat king, their value is tied to having an axe through “Axe Specialization” but a skilled player will seek safe moments to go Dual Wield axes for a larger amount of threat and tentatively use “Blood Fury”. A Troll is in a similar spot, but excels more on short fights through “Berserking”.


Engineering helps with single target/AoE threat: Big Bronze Bomb, it can redirect lost aggro: Target Dummy. While Leatherworking has good starter tank gear, including the best hand item: Void-Touched Leather Gloves.


The Standard talent setup moderately helps with all the tank aspects and is suggested for new players. Tanks who survive with flying colors can consider the Advanced setup, which dives more into threat. Very well geared players when versus a single mob can consider Expert, especially orcs.

  1. Standard:
  2. Advanced:
  3. Expert:


Aim for stamina as a priority followed by armor, dodge, agility and strength.
Mitigation Stat Prio: Stam>Armor>Dodge>Agi>Str.
If your survival is guaranteed, try the Threat Stat Prio: Agi>Int>Hit>Str>Attack Power.
The feet Extraplanar Spidersilk Boots is optimal for new raid progression (careful it temporarily reduces threat by -1000). While Void-Touched Leather Gloves is best when raids are old, both require expertise to fully take advantage of. Only one of them is equippable at a time.

  • BiS Mitigation Raid Set:
  • BiS Medium Threat Raid:
  • BiS High Threat Raid: (Experts only)


Threat is increased in many ways, notably Way of Earth, Rockbiter Weapon, Molten Blast and Earth Shock. Consumable items deal threat, ex: Minor Rejuvenation Potion based on half of the Health & Mana gained. Damaging buffs, ex: Thorns and items, ex: Heavy Dynamite deal threat equal to their damage. If survival is assured, find opportunities to increase threat, for ex: temporarily go Dual Wield.

Basic Rotation

Be sure Rockbiter Weapon, Lightning Shield, Stoneskin Totem and Healing Stream Totem are active.

  • Pull: Lightning Bolt followed by Flame Shock, Molten Blast and Earth Shock.
  • Cycle: through Molten Blast, Earth Shock, and be sure Flame Shock is on the mob.
  • Don’t needlessly over-deal threat, delay abilities if possible.
    • If mana is an issue but threat is not, forgo Flame Shock/Molten Blast.
    • If ample mana but threat is a problem, Frost Shock when ES, MB are on cooldown.
  • Situational: If versus a pack of mobs, Flame Shock on two mobs and tab target.

Advanced Rotation

Equip a spell damage weapon, ex: Rod of the Ancient Sleepwalker, w/Rockbiter.

  • Pull: LB, Flame Shock, equip dual wield stamina weapons both w/Rockbiter, Molten Blast and Earth Shock. After equip a weapon and shield.
  • Continue: the Basic Rotation cycle, while looking for safe occasions, ex: Power Word: Barrier to go dual wield stamina weapons both w/Rockbiter.
  • Situational: If Void Touched Leather Gloves is activated, fit as many abilities/item usage during its 10 seconds threat increase.
    • If you DONNOT have the above glove item, but spend the majority of a fight in DW and are an orc w/axes, consider Red Whelp Gloves alongside the Expert setup.

Group/Raid Composition

For 10man raids, be around competent players and offer an ideal comp without overstepping.

  • The 2 Tank Raid Comp: In our group, tank warrior: Thunder Clap, Demoralizing Shout, Battle Shout. Preferably an affliction warlock: Blood Pact, Curse of Weakness, Curse of Recklessness, resto shaman w/ Restorative Totems and enhancement shaman DPS w/ Enhancing Totems or Guardian Totems.
    • Outside of our group, aim for a Restoration Druid: Insect Swarm with any of the following runes: Living Seed, Lifebloom, Wild Growth. Hunter with rune: Chest - Aspect of the Lion and any kind of priest with rune: Homunculi. Remaining spots are less important but pref a warlock: Curse of Recklessness and mage: Arcane Intellect.


MRT: shows notable cooldown abilities the raid can offer.
Weakaura Addon + Caperfin plugin: Shows missing/active relevant buffs.
Details: Shows the amount of threat done by you and allies.

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