Shaman - Tauren or Troll? Thoughts, pros, cons and more

As someone who has played since Vanilla, I find it hard to play any of the Allied Races as I feel more at home with the core races.

I used to play a shaman, I remember rushing home from school just to get on WoW and that excitement of when I first created my character is only ever nearly matched when I play those core races.

So, I put it to the community; Tauren or Troll?

I connect with the Tauren theme as it seems very slowed down and relaxed, friendly and warm with cosy tents and roaring fires.

I also love the Troll lore, but I don’t get that same ‘‘warm’’ feeling. To me, trolls seem further away than RL humans than giant bull men do. What are your pros and cons/thoughts on both races? :slight_smile:

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I feel similarly; I like the laidback, nature-loving feeling I get from the tauren, while trolls feel strange to me.

It might be just that I don’t know troll lore well enough, but I get the impression that the trolls don’t have that same love for nature and balance.

Maybe I should look up some troll lore :nerd_face:

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