Shapeshift Keybinds, newbie druid :(

Hey guys ! I started leveling a druid and i like it so far. Now to my question what are the popular Keybinds for the different forms? A friend told me start with mousewheel up down + shift up down…but i personally dont like it…
I know keybinds are subjective but maybe i can get some ideas. I will Focus my content on pvp balance/feral and heal

Some examples:

Q, E, shift-Q, shift-E
Mousebutton 4, 5, Shift mb4, 5

Try to get something thats kinda logic, then you will get into it after some time with muscle memory

Mmo mouse is another good equipiment when playing druid:p

A lot of of use the scroll wheel, idk what to say if you don’t like it. I have forward for cat and backwards for bear.

If not on the scroll wheel the best is probably to put it all on 1 button with modifiers.

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Thanks for your replies guys. i played yesterday and today with mousewheel UP . Down + Shift modifier for my 4 shapeshift forms. it felt better! I asked because i didnt want level with keybinds that are later maybe counterproductive.

I’ve always played with forms binded to ctrl 1 - ctrl 4. It just feels natural somehow. Ctrl 1 = bear, ctrl 2 = cat, ctrl 3 = travel and ctrl 4 = boomkin. :slight_smile:

I’ve played druid since Mists, and have used mouse wheel since.
Main form on MW down
Secondary on MW up (Bear if not in guardian spec)
Travel form on Shift + MW down
Anything else Shift + MW up

Pros for this is that you will have some very simple spots for shapeshifts, which can overlap into other specs like wolf form on a shaman, or similar.
Cons for this is that I do sometimes experience myself exiting shapeshift if I accidentally roll MW unintentionally, or click MW for another bind.

My weird input, i use the following:

Shift +Q for Bear
Shift + E for Cat
Shift + R For Travelform
Shift + T For Boomkin

Got almost the same, except with Alt instead of Control. Also, I use Alt+1 for Convoke and then 2, 3, 4, 5 for Bear, Cat, Travel, Moonkin form.

I must be weird, I have a separate key for each form. Use alt-modifiers with most other keys but for my shapes I just have 3 dedicated keys.

Wheel up bear
Shift wheel up chicken
F travel
G cat

I also have macro for cancelform…

I bought a mouse SteelSeries Rival 500 special for my druid. It has a wheel which one can be pushed left and right, so with that I can easily switch between forms just by my right forefinger.

The default Alt+1-6 work actually surprisingly well for me.

how can you move while pressing that? also you hands and fingers must move a long distance, i dont recommend

Buy a razer naga, thank me later

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