Shattered Hand low pop realm with join with a high pop realm?

Lots of low pop realms get lots of love, but SH will get some too soon??

A merger’s just been announced, will be good for your alliance population and for D/T/S Horde. Not really a high pop realm medium at best when content is live but its a bit quiet atm until shadowlands/prepatch

I do NOT want to merge with that new realm Saurfang, those jerks on purpose didn’t allow people time to move to their realm to hit the gong for AQ n get the mount n title, some of us spent quite a bit of time trying to get that stuff.
Saurfang had the option to get it for themselves before we could + would leave a time window for us to get it too (after, with no possibility to ninja it). Instead they went full tribal “this is our thing!” “our community uber alles!!” and on purpose denied us…this was the LAST chance to gain the stuff…

What a bunch of jerks.

Dude that’s a long time to hold a grudge against a server, most likely after 15+ years those players don’t play anymore, they were the smallest out of the 3 servers that merged the first time round.

My bees are hungry, prepare your graves, I’m coming for u saurfang hordes, you will not rest, you will not know peace.

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