Shattered Hourglass - Silvermoon, both friendly & progression :)

Hey everyone!
We’re looking to increase our roster and make new friends, all players welcome! :slight_smile:

Raids: We’re 9/9 HC, Our raids take place on Wednesdays & Sundays 20:00, we usually aim for 8/9 on Wednesday so we can take Sarkareth on Sunday.
Also doing normal runs on Saturdays if there’s a demand.
We’re really chill here, everyone has their personal lives so we don’t expect people to come to every raid and stay for the whole duration, progression isn’t worth it if we’re not having fun - it’s not a chore.
That’s why we could use all roles and classes, everyone’s welcome.

M+: got tons of people to do M+ with, there’s always someone that’d would like to join you or even carry you through some keys.
Some of us are even 3.1K+, and quite a few are 2.5K+.

PvP: We’re looking for more PvP players to start RBGs, doing tons of arenas and random BGs together meanwhile.

Casual play: Socials and people who just want to make new friends are also welcome of course!
We’re alt friendly, but remove inactive characters unless your main is also in the guild.

Rules: And our 1 rule is to just be friendly and kind to one another, we’re friends before we’re raid-mates and such <3
Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, but our Discord & in-game chat are hate-free, we won’t tolerate anything anti LGBTQ+, for example.

You can just /w Revensia-silvermoon, and my battlenet’s Rheonate #21992
Hoping to hear from you :slight_smile: