Shazzrah (A) <Infusion> Recruiting Raiders (Ony 1/1,MC 10/10,BWL 8/8


Onyixa 1/1
Molten Core 10/10
Blackwing Lair 8/8

-Experienced leaders with chilled out raids

-Looking for 1 hunter and 1 healer(any class is welcome)

-Other classes will always be considered

-Raid days:Wednesday/Thursday 20:00-23:00 server time.

-For loot we work with loot council.

-If you have any more questions you can contact any officer/gm on discord or in game


Join the fun ppl!
We got an awesome raiding environment, and some pvp outside the raids.
Endgoal for everyone is having fun!

Open for 1 mage,1 warrior 1 Hpriest

Open for 1 warrior,1 mage to complete our raid team.

Open for 1 warrior 1 rogue 1 holy priest

Open for 1 warrior and 1 Hpriest

Open for 1 warrior 1 rogue and Hpriest.

Open for 1 warrior,1 mage,1 Hpriest.

Looking for mage,warrior,Hpriest

Open for dps and one healer(priest) for last spots in the raid team.

Looking for dps and healer to join our raid team!

If you have any more questions you can message me on discord Dallo#3853

Open for warrior,mage,Hpala/priest

Open for warrior,mage,Hpala/Hpriest.Other classes will be considered

All raids cleared,looking for warrior and healers(priest,druid).Other classes will be considered.

Open for healers(priest,druid,paladin)

Open for healer and dps(mage/warrior)

Open for holy paladin!

Open for 1 rogue/warrior

Open for dps player(rogue/hunter/mage) and 1 resto druid.

Looking for 1 resto druid and dps(hunter/rogue/mage)