Shazzrah PVP EU WOW Classic abuse of ToS - Scarab lord title

Hi team, @Kaivax

Top guilds on Shazzrah - and horde and and alliance have made an agreement to control bug hives for scarab lord title, agreeing to kill all other members of opposite factions, making it impossible for anyone outside of those guild to do the scepter questline. There is big money involved from what I hear.

I know you won’t do anything but just doing my due diligence.


So the thing is; Karma, Resist, CICADA, Prestige Gaming and MEOW have all agreed upon not attacking eachother cross faction - They have designated spots to farm the carapaces.
You as an outside WILL get killed if you get close, you see karma members afk with resist members outside the hives, the second an outside comes to the place, resist will kill em and afk again - works both ways, factions helping the topguilds of both factions out.
There is even websites like meowcollusion(Dot)com/partners who shows them colluding. The shazzrah discord is also fillled with them joking with it…
Ohh well, its probably not an issiue to work together across factions on a PVP server… right blizz?

Not only that, they are spotting for alliance guilds, where horde are in stealth so the alliance guilds gank us. I assume the same is going on where karma and prestige are farming carapaces. This is cheating.

collude and slave away in the hides so people can sell their char and pay rent for the 2nd time in a row

Cant be that top if they’re doing this.

Must be a bunch of bads

They just want to get the gates opened fast enough since most big horde guilds on Shazz have shown no interested in doing the event. Just one of heir arguments, dont hit on me lol.

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You realise it started the other way round, the apathy for the war effort came after it became obvious the collusion was preventing other guilds even trying.

I have not too much interest in all of that. I just happened to talk to one of those guys and thats basically what he told me. More I dont know about all of that

You have most of the server unhappy at what was done, but 1 guy from one of the guilds involved making out they only stepped in as no others did -lol.

btw now sure how 5 of us in stealth turned into ‘30 fusion possibly world bufffed coming to resist hive’

Btw whats great about the logs, is it shows we was right to delay the war effort as there had been no intention to allow ‘lesser guilds’ or perhaps I should use the derogatory words used in the logs…from getting one, but because noone was doing the war effort they had to be side tracked into doing that instead.

So grats on all the other guilds who managed to get the quest line done thanks to the war effort delays.

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