🛡 <Shield> Recruiting for Curve & M+ in Season 4 - Social Members always Welcome!

:sparkles: Shield is Recruiting for Season 4 AOTC+ and M+! :sparkles:

Hi All, we are now recruiting for Season 4 and for enthusiastic M+ enjoyers as we have several players pushing keys and doing a lot of weekly 20s across many characters.
We also are looking into the newly announced Mists of Pandaria Remixed as a guild.
We always welcome members to our active community for M+ and more!

We are now going into our 3rd season as a guild and community and many friendships have been made and games have been played inside and outside of WoW.
Shield’s mission statement is to be a home for players who like to have fun and be known as one if the most upstanding, respected guilds on Silvermoon.

Recruitment Status:

We are always taking M+ Enjoyers and Social members and have an active community!

:shield: Tanks :Low (M+ Enjoyers Always Welcome)
:hospital: Healers :Low (M+ Enjoyers Always Welcome)
:dart: Ranged DPS :High (Warlock especially!)
:crossed_swords: Melee DPS :High (Rogue, DK, Enhance Shaman)

We’d like our members to be 18+ as we are looking to foster a mature stress-free environment with likeminded people who understand work/family always comes 1st.

Raid times are Wednesday/Sunday 8-11pm server time.
Invites go out 15 mins in advance and halfway we have a 10 minute break.

So if you wish to chat about our guild or would like some more information, please speak to one of our officers.

Renrage (Bnet: Ren#1612 / Discord: Ren#2257)
Icovellauna (Bnet: Ico#21965 / Discord: Ico#4904)

For more information, please visit our Guild Discord:

Still looking for mainly ranged dps :slight_smile:

Updated the recruitment requirements, we have enough to start in Heroic! But would like a few more so we can Progress into Mythic after getting Curve!

Looking for more DPS and friends to join us for season 2!
More details class requirements available on our discord, linked above, but we would love to hear from the following:

Windwalker Monk
Enhancement Shaman
Shadow Priest

or poke us in game if you have questions

Have a nice day!

Hi Friends,

With 10.1 launching tomorrow we are close to the new season!

Mages and Monks (basically any class starting with an M) we would love to hear from you :100:

Hello Silvermoon! I have updated the recruitment requirements with a few adjustments :slight_smile:

have a wonderful day!

Hi All, and good vault day!

We are looking especially for Rogues and Mages at this point for more Aberrus raiding!

Still would like a mage or 2 :slight_smile: also Enhance Shaman! I think they are totemly awesome

updated our desires for Mages/Monks (all the M classes!)

I heard mage enthusiasts are all hyped for 10.1.5! we still would like to be smorter!

Updated the recruitment info with views to stepping foot into Mythic in the next 2 weeks!

With curve now officially achieved we are looking for 2-3 more people to have enoughroster flexibility for Mythic!

Updated the recruitment needs - especially interested in 1 more Healer to allow one of our current healers to reroll DPS!

opening up recruitment again for a wonderful ret paladin!

Updated the post with new recruitment status!

have a nice day & thank you for reading!

Hello Silvermoon, after a holiday break in which we still ran some heroic clears we have now re-opened recruitment for continued mythic raiding!

updated to confirm we are now in HC farm mode

recruitment for season 3 to start soon!

Looking for 1 Tank and a few DPS (warlock/rogue/paladin)

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Are you still looking for a paladin? I recently returned to the game and joined a guild on my old server, but their raid team is full and I’m thinking of swapping to Silvermoon or Ravencrest for a more active raiding scene.

Hi there, we have recently recruited a Ret Paladin. While I don’t say we have 0 room, I don’t recruit for the bench and currently am prioritising a S Priest/ Rogue for the last 2 DPS Slots.

Feel free to get in touch via discord!