Shift worker looking for any guild

Hello there,

I’m a shift worker with an unreliable schedule, which makes it hard to find people to play with,

I’m looking for any guild in any server that allows me to always have a group to play with, i have several characters on Horde-Draenor but i don’t mind rerolling or transfering a character to fulfill this purpose

At the moment I’m doing a night shift, I leave home at 10:30 PM and arrive at around 9:30 AM in the latest, I’ll be doing this shift for a while but I plan to switch jobs soon, to one that’ll probably have a more stable schedule but I’m not quite sure yet.

I want to do all types of end-game group content, from RBG’s to Arena, Raids and M+, it can be a casual or hardcore guild, doesn’t matter, I just want to be able to play

I’m sure there must be other shift workers out there, I’m desperate to find a guild that fits my needs as i have loved this game for 13 years but have always had a tough time finding people to play with.

Please hit me up if you have a solution to my problem, you can always contact me through discord at “Smooth#4483”.

Thanks for reading, Godspeed.