Shiv in player vs player


What you think about Shiv guys? Is worth to use it? In my opinion it’s really powerfull skill but didn’t tested it yet.


For 2s I have 1 glyph slot I always change. I’m currently cycling between shiv and Dueling. Shiv is great for peeling


Can you tell me what talents do you use on 2s?

edit. i mean in assassination. i see you playing in outlaw :d


Haha i actually play sublety, no clue why it tells you I am playing outlaw, based on what I see my tmog not being updated aswell.

(Jimbo) #5

You lose energy and gives no combo points. If you want it for its wound poison then idk if it’s good lol.


I play shiv only in 2s and only when I want to play deadly+mindnumbing. So basically only against some casters. Otherwise wound with no shiv is better

(Vulrin) #7

In current game I’ve been rocking shiv with system shock and smoke bomb, mostly cause its a very flexible set up and master poisoner applies to deadly and going off recount deadly poison tends to do as much when its coming off just shiv as much as my wound poison does, arguably more than the other honor talents in terms of damage atleast in the long run. I don’t like the changes RIP Deadly brew but yeah.

(system) #8

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