Should Horde transfer too?

Question is in the title.

Faced with complete imbalance, should Horde characters transfer too?

Has anyone from Horde done this, and what is your experience?

EDIT:I am myself thinking about moving to Earthshaker

It depends on what you are looking for, there is a good Horde raid scene on Flamelash I am not sure about Earthshaker, but on Flamelash you can find PUGS for content and the auction house is well stocked.

Let’s be honest, WPVP was dead on the server after the first week. In the first week we were having good skirmishes 10v10, 15v15 and Hillsbrad was a full on warzone with several Alliance and Horde raids going at each other. After the first week, Horde are constantly flying to different areas trying to find Alliance fights, and when you think you found a decent fight with equal numbers another 50 Horde turn up and that is the end of that, so they end up going to Ironforge etc just to grind up their honor in the meantime.

BG’s are out next week and will be cross realm, so if Horde transfer as well what would be the purpose? World PVP? No one knows the effect the BG’s will have on that anyway next week and WPVP could be just as dead on Earthshaker as most will get their fix in BG’s.

I have some sympathy for the remaining Alliance players on the Flamelash server as the balance is now going to be closer to 80/20 in the Horde’s favour after the mass exodus of Alliance yesterday including several big raid guilds, Venture, Big Dig, Booty Bay, Meh etc. I suppose Horde can now level their alts in peace.

If only Blizzard had the foresight to not allow server transfers from the non dominant faction on a server where we had no login queue issues. They should have allowed and encouraged Horde only transfers but never mind, the damage is done now.

In the Flamelash server discord yesterday there were several Horde guilds making new characters on Earthshaker to “scout” the server so not sure if anyone is planning on following.

Want to know it also while there is still time. Will the server not slowly die out? I´ve read about things like this happening in the past. Especially for us who are not raiding or having tried out any endgame content yet. Would it be wise to move?

Jesus you guys are like a swarm of locusts.


hey could i get flamelash discord link?
adressing the situation i believe its up to you, yday at around 11-12 pm server time i popped /who 60, and there were 41 people online, again it was middle of the night right. but after the hiatus and during it i was mining in steppes, and in the span of 6 hours mining ive seen only 1 other than myself alliance player (and horde no longer running in packs so i can finally 1v1) personally i havent enjoyed wpvp as much as i did yesterday, im a solo roamer, and to be able to finally roam around in the world was amazing, then again once i got back to IF it was horde territory, 10 rogues around, packs of horde roaming in IF. idk if you enjoy catching alliance like rats then stay.

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We moved aswell. Thanks for the time. Cya on Earthshaker :slight_smile:

Enjoy mingling with the 4 other Horde on the server.

Lmao right. It’s sad that people will move to a dead server just because of some forum gossip.


Our guild will stay for the time being, wpvp isn’t so important as to shift us from our spot JUST yet.
How’s Classic doing so far, I haven’t read everything about what exact guilds are leaving?

Why would horde move servers? all you do is camp flight masters and every dungeon entrance, with alliance gone horde will have a bigger competition ! Meeting an alliance member and killing him/her will become just like getting an epic drop! Then you can make videos and pose them on youtube “I found a gnome mage in IF” and get thousands of views ! Isn’t that what you want?

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Thanks, I´ve never complained about being ganked its always been a part of the experience. Even though it can get really annoying at times. Constantly looking around while running and questing, really adds some flavor. People saying that horde only camps flightpoints are delusional. I was there i´ve been camped not as much as alliance though. Was trying at one point to turn in a quest in moonglade when i was around 47, decided to take the FP in felwood only to get MC´ed off the cliff. Well GL you guys I guess i´ll stay on Flamelash

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