Should I abandon disc priest?


Im not new to wow when it comes to healing and tanking (dont let my score fool you, this is another account).

I am levelling a disc priest, ive been healing in dungeons since I started, honing my disc priest skills. I am now level 30 but I am still experience this OHSNAP feeling with disc priest in almost all situations. Even when I anticipate the damage and apply shields before combat and/or prepare ohsnap abilities, I can barely keep general tank health above 50%.

Is late game like this too? If so, idk if I wanna waste my time anymore on disc priest. I really love disc priest, the way it plays but if im gonna struggle in every single encounter barely keeping people alive despite following the correct rotation for every situation then … bai

Is it dumb to be hopeful thinking that when I am say, ilvl 180 I will do decent and not experience too much ohsnap in every encounter?

I do leveling a disc now and it is rly fun. Problem is that tanks pull half instance and I don’t have big burst heals like paladin or holy specc. I do never have any problem to keep tank or group if they pull in normal pace and don’t stand in everything :stuck_out_tongue: I shouldn’t give up on disc yet. :slight_smile:

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Leveling healing has nothing to do with end game healing, sometimes stuff is poorly tuned, for example I did some tbc dungeons once the squish came out and we were wiping like crazy with a party of average lvl of 20, where usually on that lvl you can be braindead and finish it.

Look up disc priest guide and see if it’s viable, unless you are planning on doing +15s right now it won’t really matter.

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Not to be rude, but are you saying that just as a general answer, or have you played disc priest? Because I totally get what you mean, but in disc priest the scaling is REALLY bad apparently :open_mouth: Even with the other specs, you can at least survive without breaking a sweat while levelling, but with disc priest nu-uh forget it.

Not gonna lie, it’s very rough end game. The damage is on a whole new level from what we’ve seen in BFA and legion. Constant AoE damage in near enough every dungeon lol. It’s very hard work as disc, having a much easier time as holy pally with big burst group healing. Can see disc being amazing later on when the damage is less as we gear up. But right now in a 10 key you’ll be hitting the panic mode buttons on cool down lol. Tons of bosses have very heavy constant AoE damage.

Disc priest is pretty good if you have coordination with your team and they know what you can do and how to behavior for you.
In pug groups is hard to play it.


All healers feel like this at 180… SL is hard work.


I’ve been playing disc a bit … And basically this “ohsnap” never goes away.

It’s the best spec only if your team is good. Kinda felt like the healing from damage was incredibly low at high level and had to use pennance and the shadow heal thing to maintain group alive in some cases.

So i’d say unless if you know very good players don’t bother. (it’s only my minor experience so who knows, maybe you’re much better than me !)

Just find holy much more secured, with ways to deal with what’s happening and as long as one is not one shot i can bring them back up easier and faster, without risking my tank.

you aint a world first raider. just play what you enjoy.

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Disc is good at max level but it’s harder than other healing specs as you need to be proactive rather than reactive. If you plan on playing disc you should know what abilities in dungeons and raids to look out for so you can use damage reduction cds/put up atonements in advance.

Yes, abandon please. Leave it for the good players like me.

You don’t know how a spec feels until you reach max level.
That being said, toping tank health is something we disc priest have always struggled with, but experience and coordination will make you be able to keep them alive

It’s always fun when a noob tank pulls too much and you struggle to keep him alive as a Disc, and he rages at you. :^)

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disc priest has the highest skill floor of all healers because you have to know the encounters very well to be able to fully utilize your shields and antonements. However, disc priests are a poor choice during progression or leveling because disc priests don’t forgive mistakes, which is super ironic because that’s the kind of environment where you’re supposed to learn how to play your class.
You are going to be a god in a group that’s coordinated and knows the mechanics of the fight but you’re gonna sweat when emergency healing is required.

I haven’t played disc in a long time, but if I’ve felt uncomfortable about a healer or had to do off healing in heroic dungeons the healer has been disc every time. Not saying that disc is bad, I’ve seen some really good ones too… it just takes much more effort and alertness than other healers.

Disc priest is mostly for PvP, not PvE, many people that dislike playing healer play PvP as a disc pri because it is hybrid healer, a bit more enjoyable compared to others.

Its settled then, im abandoning my disc priest. And to all that say “play what you like” and “you’re not gonna be world first raider”, those arguments doesnt matter if the class i literally too different from other healers that you will struggle ALOT. Anyway, thanks all for your replies :slight_smile: Have a nice christmas and happy new year!


Look up some macros, that will help you sweat a lot less, the combination with healing and dps works better with targets target macros… specially in pve

I’ve played a disc for 11 years never ever abandoned it, not even when they where underpowered… because they where fun to play… disc does work just fine atm, but if you played it for 10+ years, it isn’t disc anymore, it’s a completely different spec now and got almost nothing left from the original disc spec, so personally I find myself rerolling… but not because the spec doesn’t work and at max lvl you’ll find m+ affixes that are just a pain to play with a disc, it’s very unforgiving when it comes to screwing up and making minor healing mistakes… some tanks will be a struggle to heal (depends on self healing and the individual players skills), even some dps might drive you nuts when they repeatedly take more dmg than the tank, you’ll have to adapt very fast to the individual grps…

But personally I’m rerolling to holy Paladin and affliction warlock… simply because disc isn’t disc and it’s no longer the spec I feel like I signed up for… had hoped I just had to sit patiently trough those major spec changes and hopefully then they would become disc again, but sadly they don’t… the half shadow healing/half actual healing combined with dmg spells just isn’t everyone’s taste…

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I main disc and holy priest now and have for years. I do not play on this priest anymore but I main one on horde in SL. I have to say I am tired of playing disc in raids - just way too much work with well timed ramps when I can press 1 button in holy and everyone is topped off. In dungeons it is a different story. I prefer disc, especially with affixes like necrotic this week - having pain supression and barrier as damage reductions as opposed to just increased healing with guardian angel in holy makes a difference. Strangely enough I feel like it is easier for me in SL to top off ppl as disc than it was in BFA. I have the kyrian covenant which really, really helps in dungeons. I rotate between my CDs a lot and it is usually enough.

I might also abandon my Disc priest. I have tried Monk MW, Resto Druid, and Resto Shaman and all of them reward you much better if you know the spec. Even monks MW, which have bad reviews about the mana etc. are more efficient when one understands the spec; yes they are mana inefficient but if you use right CDs in right time, you actually heal the group. The spec should not be working only if the group “know what to do”.