Should I sub or buy dragonflight

Hello everyone especially veterans, i’m a new player first time ever to try WOW, i started with the free trial & it’s fair, not what i expected but not bad either.
i’ve always wanted to play WOW as a kid i knew ppl who did play it and watched them very excited about the game and grouping doing stuff that idk what but it looked amazing almost 15 years later i decided to give it a shot & have my own fun, but in the trial it’s only quests of kill those & gather that, i haven’t even met many players even though i play in a full realm.
i need your advice here, if i want to gather with other players and have this kind of fun not just doing quests as i’m playing a regular pc “not online” game should i subscribe or buy Dragon flight to get in this spot, or it’s going to be the same anyway?!
your help is highly appreciated.

Check out a couple prospective realms, their forums and see if you can find realm discords. Talk on them for interesting guilds etc.

Then you could buy a single month subscription, as soon as it charges you and you have this time then go to your account and stop the renewal. You’ll still have the paid for 30 days and all content up to Shadowlands. Alternatively you could buy a 60 days gametime block, this will not renew.

If you don’t like Retail WoW at this point, you can try Classic Era or Wrath and still don’t like it or Hardcore Classic isn’t released you’ve only lost a little bit of time and money.

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okay, i’ll try to find realm discord this might be an interesting thing to do, sub. for a month seems the right choice for now, in case if i didn’t find what i’m looking for.

Once you have time you can also compare on 3rd party sites the realm population and enter realms with a low level alt at peak times (or when you’re on mostly) and check out right away whats happening in chat/the realm at that moment. You can always ask questions, some players like returning or new players a lot.

There’s also the newcomer’s channel I believe that should be on by default for that realm, for players below level 50/30h played.

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i have the new comer chat available but it’s dead nth is going on there, i actually tried asking about spec. but got no answer, i’ll try to search for those 3rd party websites to try and get in the most engaging times

There are TWO group-play activities that can be described like this

  1. Raids (which is what your friends were doing years ago) - groups of 10-30 people fighting against big bosses.
  2. Mythic-Plus came into WoW a few years ago - a group of 5 people completing a dungeon of maybe 4 smaller bosses with a lot of trash (smaller mobs) in-between, as fast as they can.

If you want to “gather with other players and have this kind of fun” you need to level to 70. You can only do current dungeons and raids when you are level 70. To get to 70, you will need to buy a sub to get past level 20 and buy Dragonflight to get past level 60.

You will want to join a “Raiding Guild”, a set of players who aim to make progress on a raid each week. Any genuine raiding guild will also do M+ to get extra gear.

You are on one of the world’s top realms for raiding. That doesn’t mean you are going to get into a top guild, of course, but there are many many lesser guilds

Another option would be to sub and play Classuc Wrath, which is the game as it was in 2009. Last I heard, there are more people doing raids in Wrath than in Dragonflight. For Wrath you need to subscribe, but do not need to buy Dragonflight.

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Thank you for clearing this up, So in any case i have to reach max level before any real fun starts, so you recommend either buying dragon flight or install and sub. to Wrath, but not to waste time & sub. to content as BFA which is i’m in right now?


You are in BfA. BfA is perfectly good content in its own right, and it will allow you to learn some things about the game. But you will level through it in days, and not many people will be playing it - as a past expansion, people level through it and move on.

There are a few people - a few - who sub, and level to 60, and then spend their time in the game solo, levelling more and more characters through older expansions. That’s what they enjoy, and I envy them, because they have endless content. But it doesn’t work for most people. And the level 60s don’t tend to group together to do level 60 content.

You are looking for group play. You will find regular group play only at level 80 in Wrath, for which you need a sub, or at level 70 in Dragonflight, for which you need to buy a sub and Dragonflight.

If you are what Imight call competitive-minded or achievement-minded, wanting to do hard content regularly, Dragonflight is more likely for you. But some people prefer The Original.

You can watch some YouTubes, and join some Discords if you want to get a sense of what’s happening in both.

Sure i’ll do that, thank you for Answering.

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New player here as well. I did buy DF. The boost that came definitely helped as a quick start to the current content. Tho lorewise I had some catching up to do.

With most of the quests indeed boiling down to “kill X enemies of Y type in this area” and “collect items in the same area”, I don’t know that a lot of people find that particularly exciting or fun to do. But just like in similar RPGs it’s generally tolerated because ofcourse you’re working towards a goal.

More powerful equipment, story progression, new areas with different art and creatures, etc.

I don’t have any real advice to give here but just to reassure you; if you enjoy following storylines both big and small and immersing yourself then you’ll be completely fine in WoW.

Best of luck with your attempt to find people to play with and enjoy! :slight_smile:

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One of the great things about WoW is just how much content has been released over the years and it’s perfectly possible to have hundreds of hours of fun from 1-60 leveling through your choice of the historic expansions.

Some of the oldest expansions are a little uneven compared to the quality of content in Dragonflight, but leveling through Legion, BFA or Shadowlands should give you a high quality experience - and if you make it to 60, consider getting Dragonflight then to reach endgame.

Boosts are nice but if you’re approaching the game for the first time you’ll not regret taking the time to learn the systems and your class from fresh.

Hey there hope you’re enjoying.
i sub. to WOTLK it’s fun i enjoy it, thought about a boost but as a new player i felt it’s better to gain experience and learn the game first. eventually i’ll get the boost because this is my second month & i’m only now hiting lvl 40 or i’ll learn how others level to about 80 in a week will see where it will lead :smile:

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