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I like communities like that. It is always best to play with friends or ‘friends’ :slight_smile: But there are also achievements for +10’s and +15’s. In the end people also want to time a dungeon instead of doing 2 hour runs…

Often these things do not work together. Since it is ‘not allowed’ to ask for a dungeon with asking for trying to do it in time. It is just hard to push a key with a community like that.

I have no problem with people wanting to do dungeons in time, I mean that is the main point of m+ dungeons.

But there are also people who just like to do keys not for the timer but for the harder mobs. Heroic and even Mythic is too easy after a certain item level and it’s not fun anymore. I’m not really sure this whole percentage idea addresses this now after reading all these comments…

Frankly I would like to have a type of M+ for casuals where there is no timer just to kill the harder mobs if you want to. But then how would you get keys? I don’t know. Oh well…

I have to disagree here.
I am in Scared of Dungeons aswell and we done plenty of 10+ keys on time.
There are some people who prefer lower keys, higher keys but at slower pace or are also fine with pushing keys. Not all keys that are run in the community takes 2 hours. Many also have a mindset that we always try for timer but if we dont do it, no big deal. SoD is not a place for people who only wish to push keys but to say we only do 2 hour runs and never push a key is wrong.

There is a difference in how to ask if you wanna push a key aswell. Things like “LF push need 400ivl big dps” or “Push key need people” I dont see anyone asking cause thats not how we are. But things like “Have a 10 key, wanna try to make timer but not a must” or “No big deal if its not timed but wanna try” are perfectly fine ways to ask imo.

Again there are many different people and playstyles.
I enjoy pushing keys but I have no problem spending 2 hours in one to help people get a dungeon done either, something I would never expect a pug to do.

Anyway I am sorry I took this off-topic.

I never said that. Other than that I don’t really see where you are disagreeing with me here.

This is the mindset I am talking about. You either want to push or you want to chill and be helpful, even the same person could be in a different mindset any day.

And the chill people and the people who are new to the dungeon get grouped up together with the pushers and this is what results in toxicity in the game. These two groups should be separated. Mythic+es focus on the timer and really some people don’t want to do that. Heroic and mythic is too easy but mythic+ is rushed. We need a middle ground where it’s not too easy and not too rushed.

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There is also Calm Keystones - Horde and Alliance versions which are doing very well also.

I was replying to Psjohly, as you can see in the top right corner.

Ah I see, sorry.

Completely off topic sorry about that but why are your messages in green?

There was an outrage towards people asking for +10’s in season 1. And then even an officer made a statement in announcements that people who want to do +10’s and higher should find another community. So I left.

I am also part of FailTrain (great community created at the start of legion), and it is always a struggle to find ‘common minded’ players when it is about higher keys. You have to accept the first player who responds. There is no problem in the < 10 groups, but when you want to push… Pushing by the way does not mean mistakes are not accepted. Those happen. Keys are getting depleted obviously. It is challenging content afterall.

Anyway; with pugging you have more freedom in signing for keys ‘on your level’. But people also get toxic faster. I would not recommend a penalty system for leavers.

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Ah I had no idea… I handed over the Horde one some time ago and am no longer running keys atm… I am just doing solo stuff.

Could you not make a 10+ chill key community?

MvP program:

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My messages appear in green because I’m an MVP. Blizzard staff post in blue :slight_smile:

If I had my way we’d post in pink :laughing:

Apologies because I’m also going to go slightly off-topic here! I’m interested in the ‘I’m Scared of Dungeons’ community. I’m away to check out the link but do they require use of voice chat?

I guess you’d have to ask them, I don’t know.

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I checked their link and it looks like they don’t. But it doesn’t matter since they are Alliance and I only play Horde now. Oh well, never mind. :smiley:

how is wasting your own time abusing the system? It’s only abuse if there’re gains at the cost of the system’s design and/or other players. A penalty system on the other hand is likely to be abused, or grieved.

OT: like said above, there are tons of reasons for ppl to leave. a leave percentage is virtually a blacklist, which will result in players never getting invited again.
That would mean that I need to sit out every abomination of a pug M+ run just so I won’t get punished later. I’ve run into situations where the current group setup just wasn’t able to down a boss with the given setup and affix. At that point, you just want to mutually give up.

We got all the tools needed to form a group with a decent chance of succes. And if you don’t like RIO, you can check armory which is the source from which RIO pulls its data.

That’s cool :smiley: First time i ever see a system like this. Anyway thanks for the awnsers.

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Scared of Dungeons is alliance only, some of us have horde alts but horde side is nowhere near as active as alliance I will say.
We never require voicechat for any content we do even if a lot of us use it. We mainly use it when raiding or doing 10+ keys both for social aspect and better to coordinate but its not a requirement.
It is fine to be on voice and just listen, its fine to be there and talk and its also fine to not use it at all.

if you ever feel like playing alliance again you are more than welcome to join us :kissing_closed_eyes:

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Thanks, I will remember this if I ever do go Alliance again. :smiley:

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