Show mechagnomes some love in DF


This is more of a feedback reminder, there are multiple threads made since BFA
about the lack of customization in mechagnomes. Given the fact that Dragonflight is close and a lot of development effort was put in the Dracthyr race customization I think it is more than fair put a little effort in mechagnome race too.

As starters, I think one of the main issues that could potentially unlock more transmografication options for mechagnomes and would require a minimum of effort to fix, is that the heritage armor paint (gold) matches with only one of the three available paints. The other two color variants (silver and rust) should be added to the heritage armor. If Mag’har orcs can have it, then why mechagnomes can’t ?

Of course, more customization improvements could be made, below you can find similar threads with great feedback and customization ideas, but I would like to hear feedback from others on this aspect.🥰/427542/3859

Mechagnome customization 9.1.5? - #16 by Lunaera-kazzak

Thank you for reading!


i will always support more customisations for anything which is not elves.


PLEASE!!! I want more nappy colours

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Oh, can I interest you in our lord and saviour, the space goat master race?

Unlike the Gnomes (who exist only for comic relief) and Junkergnomes (who don’t really exist) the Draenei have the numbers to actually warrant even more customisation options. Draenei are also tall enough for you to notice the new customisations.

It is therefore only logical to give more hair and horn options and adornments for Draenei!

No. Gnomes must be removed from the game.

it seems fair to me that they (AT LEAST) put more options for arms and legs and the recolors (like mag’hars) for each color of mechagnomes: (Golden and Silver, Silver and Copper, Ruined copper)
that’s what i would be happy with.

I only like regular gnomes from gnomeregan

It is really sad that this is not getting more attention…

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I’m sure all 2 people who play mechagnome would be very happy.

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Sadly I think mechagnomes are beyond saving. I only leveled one for the achievement and had to employ all my willpower to prevent myself from vomiting every time I looked at the screen.

mechagnome was created by Cyberpunk 2077 hype now the game is dead and forgoten so are the mechagnomes …

I like the heritage armor and the hair decoration both look good to me. Although I have only played the class a little bit.

I am a bit put off by the ‘trouser’ armor, and would personally prefer the choice of having shorts that cover the hip a bit as an alternative to pants.

Also as a cyborg, maybe there could be customisation such as mechanical wing transmog, back pack with sunshade, tool belts, an off-hand mini holo emitter, oil can or built in grapple ?

It would be nice to have a scary robot (Maximillian casing appearance) as a warlock pet, spell Eye of Kilrogg = insect drone, or mechanical hunter pet that also functions as a chair out of combat.

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I’m still waiting for male draenei to have hair and horn customisations separated. Like the females have always had

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