Show of youre transmog boys and gals

(Croecell) #21

Both your mogs are amazing.


She Omega Spawn Mog over here or at least that’s what I tried to get.

(Hínáta) #23

This mog is themed around the elitist rogues in the horde, elegent, intimidating, scary and stealthy.

Flashy enough to amaze you, scary enough to make you feint when they pop up behind you and stealthy enough to hardly be noticed, but in reality it’s challenge mode gear and the mask because I love the ponytail opening in the back.


I have a green bush mog for a blueberry.

Hot, sweet, and deadly.


Pointy Wayfarer.


At least you seem to really like it


Im a frosty frost mage and I think im a special snowflake because i have a rare set

(Odeone) #30

I doubt one can get much more dark and mysterious.


This is hands down the best looking cloth helmet for worgen.
Really hope it doesn’t get broken in the race update >.<


I’m transmogged as the WoW icon.

(Seffi) #33

I got some sort of semi sea farer transmog of some sort.


My transmog is the best


Zandalah for evah! My character is living in Zuldazar/Nazmir RP-wise, she wears whatever she can find or is given.

(Punyelf) #36

There are very few pink/purple-ish plate transmogs so I love this one. I just haven’t been able to give it up.


where did your elf go?

(Hauhet) #38

Priest theme with open 3rd eye :slight_smile:

(Danellos) #39

I guess what I am wearing is the Mists of Pandaria Gold Challenge Mode gear, except for the helm. The helm does not look good on Worgen males, so I chose something from a WoD dungeon that somehwat fits the design.

The cloak is out of place, so I need to replace that.

(Dromkar) #40

Hi guys…



As close to Samuro as i can get with my main, HolgerDK.

(Moistmeatbal) #42

Im a sea bear!