Show of youre transmog boys and gals

(Karanze) #43

Alliance juggernaut

(Cendre) #44

i’ll stick with my < cult of the damned > transmog, allways wearing the same.
althought i have a pretty large collection of shiny-fancy-cloths

(the armory doesn’t deserve my staff too, sad)


Felfire is best fire

(Lightslayers) #46

Blood knight here

Alright… ex Blood knight


Ghingis didn’t wear purple. Times change. Grand Marshal Ghingis at your service.

(Crowmane) #48

Another DK reporting for duty :joy: Idk, I just love the looks of DK plate armor

(Srebron) #49

For the Alliance! For Silver Hand!


Frozen Hearted Assasination Rogue which develops other senses, covering the eyes like in the old movie about karate :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Wow im sexy


Big Boss Fel version


Posh rogue spiv, blade and a broken brandy bottle.


Zanda-licious baby

(Valpuri) #55

Ima rogue stab stab!

(Murkresh) #56

How did you get that sick mog? Is it a drop from an old raid?


I’m not sure what my theme is, I just wanted a way to work in this fabulous purple hat.


I am really surprised this time around.

I did 2 trials on my chars, got now 3 of 4 transmog set…

I WON 2 Trials with my TAUREN girls! I am so used to loosing… but nope this time it was actually great :smiley:

First “Faction Pride”

Second was Epic in Purple:

None has been prepared I made them up on the spot, but I also have a huge collection of transmogs to choose from :wink:

I had really fun last night.


My current theme is Queen of Bones


I live to fight and die in glorious battle! CHAAAAARGE!


AAAAh oh wait i thought u were a orc for a second
U know becouse die in glorious battle is kinda there thing XD


Why not just hide it until you find something a bit better? That’s What I’ve done :slight_smile:

The Kul Tiran dungeon armour is the supreme leather set. Jus’ sayin’.