Show of youre transmog boys and gals


Greetings everyone!


I am happy - that’s all that matters :stuck_out_tongue:


You dont need to be a DK to wear DK plate tho!
(Armory hasnt updated, its the belt that matches the T10 DK set)


I went with that set for quite a while, mounted on the fel corehound with 2 fel corehound pets.

(Hottage) #112

Yesterday decided to take a break from my Grand Marshal transmorg.

I like going from the over-the-top badassery of that set to the simplicity of this one :3


Finished my mog yday with the helmet but I’m not entirely sure if I’m happy with my weapon choice or not

(Gothicca) #114

This is my mog and have had a lot of people who says they love it!


This is the reason I changed from Tauren. I do not care what everyone else thinks, I love it!

(That said, I have recently found out that I am colourblind to some degree so what I think is a nice set of contrasting colours might be woefully different to others! :smiley:)


Holy themed holy priest. And yes it is a full set i know but imho it might be the best looking set in the entire game

(Shamapo) #117

Mine is prettiest for sure, if only I could be blood elf shaman wink wink, I need this in my life Blizz :heart_eyes:
Fire themed, everything red hot and pretty. Except for my needy Gremlin race, cute but ugly :heart:


Quel’dorei mog here :slight_smile:

(Retributor) #119

my theme is transmog is expensive so i dont do that


Pure Priestess of Elune.

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(Azuriida) #121

Crazy kaldorei engineer

(Kurosawa) #122

i always try to go with race…and sexy as hell…*flicks hair


Nightfallen Kul Tiran in grey plate

(Hottage) #124

This is what I wear when not repping my Grand Marshal’s gear.


I went for a Napoleonic Wars era look.


You look to me like a dad on a vacation with a funny hat to hide from the sun :slight_smile:


Mine is a spartan theme. goes well with the Belfs imo.