Show of youre transmog boys and gals


Into the wild…


High Prelate Dakkazi


Some great looking mogs here! I’m pretty boring on the mog front, I like green therefore everything must be green.

(Vanasia) #89

This character is more like Vanessa Vancleef.

And 2 others I will post
A blood elf dk Vankya
and a Paladin Lightforged Draenei Vurru…

(Uldurin) #90

I just like red and gold together :smile: :man_shrugging:


I have a “only looks good on fem worgen proportions” red boi mog!


Ever since wotlk I’ve been sticking sticking with a scourge theme for this undead lock. Btw, loving ‘Mario’ above…the game tune is now stuck in my head and you best go rescue a princess! :smiley:


casual Zanda prelate in green.
simple and modest.

(Uruk) #94

My theme is the cold chill of death winter theme. Fear Uruk Grimtotem the White Scourge!


Dummy thicc sexymog :sweat:

(Isdy) #98

What I wore on this character from 20 to Level 120. Nothing more and nothing less and not a transmog item to be seen… or a weapon.


You’ve won the thread.


:telephone_receiver:Hello? yes this is (a fancy) dog.

(Jikko) #101

Ill admit I dont look like a hunter. But why make mail like this, if it isnt hunter or shaman? Cause its awesome.
So I am a fel hunter. Including a fel mount and fel pet. Now that we have left Legion, everyone has ditched their blazing felhawks and mine stands out again

(Fist) #102

I…what was I doing? Ah yes, rawwwr!!!

(Quagmíré) #103

Is the headline click-bait?


And even the names fit their mogs :ok_hand:


Ok I was Warmother the Mag’har… and now I am a Human Hunter :slight_smile:


the Thicc Lady
My group members release their spirit 50% faster and follow me closely.


i really liked your previous char. a shame :confused: