Silvermoon Rogue Worgen looking for a Guild

Hello! I’m a new player on Silvermoon(I had several toons on italian servers) and now, seen that Italian servers are quite empty, plus the fact that I work in english every day, I chose to move here lol. I am 25, working 9-18 usually(but thanks to due diligence cases there are days where I work 9-23 and so on, I work as an International Lawyer, so be prepared for a lot of funny idiotic jokes about how sad is my life!) how you can understand, I do not have much time in game(I will not grind 24/7), but I can be quite social in chats on telegram/facebook/whatsapp, I will try to reach 120 as soon as possible(I played only Horde until now, but now I am committed to the Worgen cause ahahah). Important facts:

  1. I am starting a new toon, as said before a Rogue Worgen(and probably I am going to have also a Warrior Worgen as an Alt), so I am Level 1.
  2. I will not use any boost or transfer, I am searching for a group of friends to share this fantastic game starting fresh and have fun together.(But with the “free” boost od the new expansion, I will create a toon useful for the guild for raiding mithics and so on)

I hope to find some wonderful guild to have fun together(or at least a group of people that abuse parenthesis like me). If you have any question feel free to ask here or through my battlenet account ProeliumIV#2212

Hey there, were an Alliance guild on Silvermoon, please read our guild post and let me know!