Silvermoon -Statera 3/9M LFM


Statera is a social guild looking to clear HC content and then go on to kill as many mythic bosses as we can. We’re looking for DPS to join our mythic roster, as well as social members to join us on HC/N clears, with a chance to progress to the Mythic team.

We are currently 9/9HC and 3/9M Dazar. We are looking for competent DPS for both HCs on Fridays, and Mythic team runs.

Our history with raiding has seen us get curve fairly early in Legion, as well as Uldir and Dazal’alor.

We raid 2 days a week, Wednesday and Thursday from 20:30ST-23:30ST. We also have Optional HC alt runs on Fridays. (same standard raid rules apply to the HC runs: flasks, food, enchants, gems and potions if needed for a little extra push)

Discord is mandatory through out all guild events.

We are a English speaking/communicating guild.

A bit about why i set the guild up and what my goals are as GM:

Statera is a guild built on the old school principle of raiding HC/Mythic content and then having a social outlet for down time. As we know, this game is about having fun with other people, no matter what you’re doing. We have built a very good base, with a strong team full of knowledge to help any member with anything they could possibly want to know about the game. We want to get back to the old TBC days of WoW, which includes a community aspect of the game that we think has long been lost. We also play on alot of other platforms as a guild. Overwatch, Ark, Conan, Stellaris, Civ, LoL, Warframe, Eve but to name a few, this for us is what being in a guild is all about, You want to spend time with the people u have the most in common with and forge relationships that don’t just stop and start when u log in and out of WoW.

We raid purely as a social guild, and we pride ourselves in this.
We prefer a relaxed and social but focused raid atmosphere with all the standard raid rules (flasks,food,enchants/gems and potions).

Discord is very active, with a strong aspect of banter.

Please whisper any member in game for an inv to the guild or whisper either Lighthearts/lunette in game, or feel free to add us to Btag.
If not on B-net, you can always contact us on discord!: Brooks986#9835