Silvermoon [The Boys from the Dwarf] looking for later night raiders, a little bit of everything!

A core of former EVE players have come back to WoW because #eveisdying.

We have been pushing mythics and grinding our way through normal Castle and are looking for a few more to bolster our numbers and reduce the volume of PuG players in our raids to improve on consistency.

Raids are Tuesday and Saturday 22:00 - 00.30 WoW time.

We are laid back so if you can’t make a night you won’t be too heavily abused (we all have commitments) but we insist on players stepping up if they are going to join up:

Have 180 ilvl.
Invest in enchants.
Bring stat food. (We aren’t doing tables until Heroic)
Bring flasks.
Bring pots if you need them.

This is just common courtesy. We are going to do the above for you (most of our core team linger around the 205 mark) so be a true Dwarfer and come correct.

Bonus points to anyone who uses the slime toy and jumps the miserable holy pala off a cliff.

We don’t believe in forms etc so if you are interested please hop onto discord for a chat.


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Just applied in-game! Hope for some fun nights! :wink:

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Welcome mate. Raid night tonight :man_dancing:

We plan to start hc soon. Only sire left on normal. Still looking for a few to bolster our raid team