Since blizzard allow cheats in wow lets allow more like?

Arena addon is aloved to tell for ppl when someone cast long cast spells to stop them, lets allow addon to see invi players. Since i try cast frost ring and arcane surge and stay silenced / stuned 15 - 30 sec, because cheat addon tell for unskiled players when to cancel it, so give me addon to see invi, it will only show me invi players, little help :smiley:

Allowing addons in arena to give adventage for some classes its like cheat, like use mh in cs, fornite and lol u can say it only show me player on map -.- Useing addons for adventage is still cheating so this is why arena addons shouldnt be allowed, because there is alot of players that no even know aboute existing such addon or ppl just dont want download it or just waste alot of time configure it and some players even with tutorials cant config it because too many things to do

What is cheat? Its file that give u adventage in game, so useing addons in arena to give adventage vs players is clear useing cheats. Maybe allow to use addons that will cast for u spells. Second thing i see arena, monk cant be slienced interupted his casting spells, and he make same or even bigger dmg than i as caster that is slienced stunned all the time, and stay like retard for 15 - 30 sec without clicking anything, op balance

So we play fair game or not? All use thier skill or we use cheats? So if u allow use cheats add them in game for evryone or maybe lets play game where better cheats win xd heuehue

Except from its a allowed addon that both players can have?

Theres no advantage when everyone in question has jt

Babyrage post.

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Just the truth, game dieing so they letting for unskiled players use cheats xd

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