Single Minded Fury vs. Might of the Frozen Wastes

First of all I’m very happy for 2h frost DKs that they get MotFW baseline, win a talent point and get buffed in the process. Very good change!

That being said: now do the same thing for 1h fury warrior. Thx.

Why write that in dk section tho :crazy_face:

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Just to tell you guys how happy I am for you!
I posted it on both class forums^^
Maybe increasing chances somebody reads it…idk

I am certainly not that happy about 2h frost, because there is no way to avoid getting 2 h weapons for dk.

Right, they should really introduce ‘weapon loot’ for frost dk and fury warri.
Or just make frost and fury always loot 1h.

If anything fury should loot 2 h, not 1h.

Specific weapon loot would be good though.

so how do i loot 1h’s then?

Awhh thanks my dude

Well you can spec prot.

But it would be better to allow the player to choose themselves whether they want 2h or 1h only.

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