Single-Minded Fury

Do you think Blizzard will ever make Single-Minded fury viable?

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What kind of content do you do? From this character, seems nothing HL so SMF is more than viable for your kind of content.

I mean its viable to some degree, unless ur going for CE or pushing high keys i dont see a reason why you couldnt play it.

In my eyes i dont see a reason why 1h swords should ever be competitive vs 2h swords when clearly bigger = better.

Last season there was a gladiator warrior going SMF. So viable in PvP.

There were CE runs done with SMF, so it is viable.

HoF had no SMF runs, but that is to be expected, top 200 is just that.

M+ was really rough for warrior, as far as I am aware, there was only done two meme runs as SMF in 25+ keys.

Just keep in mind, while there is a 3-6% difference on overall DPS, SMF is viable for close to all content in the game if you want to rock it. The biggest drawback is that you will lose talent points to freely move about, but it is very much something you can do and play.

Now, with Annhi being meta, SMF is actually closer if not better than 2hand builds. As you already push into that side of the tree. 1handers get more Annhi value. The only thing that will change this aspect is the incomming Legendary 2hander.

If you want to play SMF till you get your 2hander Legendary, feel free to do so! You should not see much of a DPS loss if not a gain! :dracthyr_heart:

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