Skin thieves, how do you see them?


Say you’ve been farming a specific animal for a while to skin it, and other players know it as they saw.
If one of said players tries to skin your kills, how do you see it? How bad is it?


Skin Thieves are generally frowned upon.

On a more serious note, yeah, that’s usually not viewed as a very nice thing to do. Can happen from time to time, if you’re not paying attention, but people deliberately stealing skins are probably not the nicest human beings around.


I usually wait with them at the corpse to see whether they’ll skin it, and if they run off I’m gonna skin it, can recommend that


I had this happen to me yesterday, someone stayed there to skin steal and when confronted about stealing skins they just ignored it. Even worse, they went in stealth and tried to repeat it.

I see it the same as ninja looting, it’s pretty terrible.


I hate to see unskinned corpses laying around, and so I regularly skin anything that looks skinnable.

However I try to establish whether or not the person who the kill is a skinner first, and will try to wait until it’s obvious they are a non-skinner… after which I swoop in like a damned vulture. I wouldn’t deliberately steal someone’s skin.

I’m sure I must have done it accidently on rare occasions though. In crowded areas, where big five-man “quest trains” are bulldozering their way through mobs and leaving piles of corpses behind them, it’s very possible that I might, in all the confusion, mistake a corpse killed by a skinner laying amidst the dozens of corpses left by the ‘train’… so if I ever did this to anyone, I’m sorry.