SL mob spawning

I didn’t play through SL so wondering if there is a way to stop this annoying feature.

Whichever zone I am in for SL, once I kill an enemy, there is a chance a mob will spawn and link to me. Is there a way to stop this at all?

I never noticed this, either during SL or since - though I haven’t ben back to SL a whole lot during DF.

You say “there is a chance a mob will spawn”. That will happen if that mob had been killed a couple of minutes ago, and there are a few areas where mobs are a bit dense, so did you kill it or was someone else there before you? Are you farming for something? because ofc if you and/or others are committing wholesale slaughter, you’re going to see a lot of respawns.

Have you checked it’s not a Covenant ability/talent?


Ah, it is “Fodder to the Flame”. Odd ability but I know what to do when they spawn now. Thanks :slight_smile:

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