SL. vs. DF

I played shadowlands priest, unfortunately because of a weird aoe shadow game I had to start playing holy.
Do you think that on DF shadow it will be better and more fun to play M + or nothing will change in this matter? I can see there are big changes and thankfully there is no Searing Nightmare anymore, but is that enough?

Shadow is useful against bosses and tougher trash in SL m+, tho mind I’m not seriously pushing above +16. I use misery and psychic link, so yeah I’m not much use in Gambit first part but… That’s it.
But no, it looks way worse in DF, seems very unfinished and weak and blizz has stated they’re willing to ship it like that.

Searing Nightmare is really just baked into mind sear now, saving a gcd, sure, but I feel it creates new problems. You can’t gen insanity off it or use it to farm old contents quickly

Honestly shadow is nice in DF and an improvemend i see shadow more of a heavy ST dps class, people are giving it a good impression tbh on df site. And honestly you dont need 3 dps that are good in AoE in m+ if you do not focus higher then +20 keys.

Fun to hear remaking everything did no real change?

there seems to be improvement, however if its actually enough will be a question.

We have new change in build today.

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