SLI Support

SLI seems to no longer be working in Retail, but works fine in Classic.


Hey Thorindor,

Which Graphics API are you using, and does switching that help out? I can only suggest to try and re-install your graphics driver if you continue to encounter trouble. Please do note that we do not actively support SLI or Crossfire.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!

I’m using DX12, drivers are freshly updated. Doing some searching seems to indicate that it did work previously, but recently stopped working. Perhaps I just need to wait for a driver update from NVIDIA.
Shame you do not actively support it as it does wonders for Classic, you can even up the resolution scaling to 200%, effectively running the game in 8k without issue. Classic is less demanding so it would be of even more use in Retail.

Do you really need SLI for classic ? :wink: It never was a supported feature. No fullscreen mode on bfa killed it pretty much. Multiboxers used it but with microstutters. If Classic runs on native fullscreen mode then SLI will work better than retail, just hope for no microstutters.

Nope, not at all, but it works. While in BFA where it could be useful, it does not.

I run windowed full screen for both, I thought it might have to do with Classic being DX11 while BfA is DX12.
It’s not a big deal really, I just wanted to point it out.
I’ll be playing Classic going forward anyways, but only BfA could really benefit from SLI so it should be fixed. It might very well be a driver issue that NV have to fix though.

SLI and Crossfire are pretty much dead as a technology. What could be done is DX12 / Vulkan multi-GPU support. It’s in like one or two games at this point but it allows using multiple GPUs, even dGPU and integrated graphics… But it requires low level support of it in the game.

Yup, I guess. Shame it requires actual support, unlike SLI that just works. Though the DX12 way should work much better, if implemented correctly. Maybe it will be supported sometime in the future.

Just wanted to add that SLI works fine in both DX11 and DX11 Legacy mode.

BTW, I read somewhere that for DX12 multi GPU support one previously had to remove the SLI bridge, is that true, and is it still the case?