Slow spawn of ghouls

during dungeons i noticed dk looses a lot of dps (especially in short fights) casue till army of apocalypse or army of dead raises and rushes target, target is dead of about to die…

the animation is nice but till they spawn, stand and get to battle various seconds pass…its a lot of loss of dps

So please consider or to speed up ghoul summoning time or to increase virulent plague tick dmg to compensate for loss from ghouls innactivity time

thank you


I think the simpler way to remediate Apocalypse being more straight up useful in dungeons, would be to increase the front loaded damage of it. Currently it does it 50% of attack power, they should either increase that percentage or make it hit aoe.

This could be done through a talent. Ruptured Viscera, arguably one of the most useless talents UHDK have had for quite some time, even after buffs, needs to be relevant in dungeon cleave/aoe scenarios. Atm Magus of the Dead is the better play in all scenarios and this shouldn’t be the case.

I would leave AotD as it is for now. Not that it’s perfect, but I reckon if we start changing it, we might as well simply overhaul of UH and get on with it (which I’m all for considering how clunky and outdated DK feels in general). I think because we’re topping all the meters on raids all the time, the devs are thinking “yeah this class is fine” or something.

There are a good number of specs that have issues with ramp up time in dungeons. Unholy is by no means the worst in this regard. Especially since currently it’s more about disease and epidemic damage on mobs anyway. The only solution is to do more difficult content really. At a certain M+ level packs don’t die that fast anymore.

remediate Apocalypse being more straight up useful in dungeons

The tier set is handling this through magus aoe and damage buff to the player. Apocalypse is going to be just fine. That does mean they may aswell just remove ruptured viscera. And actually I believe they have done so several times in the past.

If they do want that talent to exist going forward it should really be reconsidered. Maybe have the ghouls just instantly charge and explode for good damage. Or maybe take something from the PVP handbook and have it turn apoc into a disease instead.

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